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    H1B Amendment

    When amendment petition is filed employer is require to provide bona fide job is available until original I-94 validity. If for some reason you cannot demonstrate job is available until original I-94 validity USCIS might knock off earlier approval period to a new reduced period. So short answer...
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    H1B Amendment+Extension with new End Client

    Your employer needs to show there is bona fide job available until full validity of H-1B extension period. Based on what you wrote I believe USCIS might approve H1B duration until Jan 30th 2020 & of course new amendment plus extension has to filed immediately. I strongly recommend upgrade to...
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    Specialty Occupation titles for QA Analyst

    Go with software developer SOC code 15-1132
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    I-129 (Part 2) - Information about this petition

    5 Yes 4 6 No 7 No. (This question pertains to immigrant petition NOT H-1B petition) 8. Yes 8a No 8b No 9. Yes Keep in mind your previous petition was rejected NOT denied therefore answers are what they are.
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    LCA - Multiple work locations

    Intended employment start date has to be 10/01. Yes, placement of employment should have client's name, address. Secondary location can be head office & 3rd location employee home address When you file I-129, make sure you have MSA/PO for all H1B duration until its end date
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    I-129 (Part 2) - Information about this petition

    Q 1. Correct Q 2 You will leave it blank unless some petition was filed with USCIS on behalf of this individual in past & you are trying to reference that petition as maintenance of status. If initial TN was granted to this individual I believe there was no I-129 filed so therefore you will...
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    L1B to H1B - Different Employers

    Yes, you have to step out of the country get H-1B visa stamped & re-enter on H1B. This is applicable only when employer clearly marked consular processing and in this circumstances you can choose to go for visa stamping at your own time since this is consular processing & USCIS is not changing...
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    L1B to H1B - Different Employers

    Let me answer however best I can If H-1B is approved from employer B, it can be transferred to employer A while you work for that same employer A on L1B, keep in mind employer A has to file new employment H-1B petition NOT subject to quota. The earliest date you can start working on H-1B is...
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    Can I change my employer when my I-140 and H-1B is approved when I am in India?

    Employer B can file H-1B petition new employment & request for consular processing not subject to quota based on employer A's approved I-140. I believe it should be fine even if employer A withdraws approved I-140 since 180 days has passed after its approval.
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    I-485 Cross Chargeability Spouse not present

    Your only hope is some positive I-485 interview outcome or try her luck for B1/B2 using these circumstances as her defense i.e. she has to leave country to avoid kid being harmed & be separated from spouse (you) etc. Again this is pure luck.
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    Options for spouse upon death of applicant after EB-2 application and I-140 approval

    Unfortunately 204 (I) gives relief to I-140 approval situation & it is silent regarding H1B's principal applicant's death. I-140 & 485 filing is totally different from H1B/H4 statuses. Unfortunately upon principal's H-1B's death, spouse has to move to other status or leave country.
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    I-485 Cross Chargeability Spouse not present

    Your wife made a very risky move. You need to be very careful if you are coming from B1/B2 to file I-485. Your attorney should have guided you.
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    I-485 Cross Chargeability Spouse not present

    Technically you con continue to work as long as I-485 remains pending and you renew EAD. Now it depends on outcome of your I-485 interview. if they deny I-485 then either you might have to re-instate H-1B or switch to some other status or leave country.
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    I-485 Cross Chargeability Spouse not present

    Do you think your wife can approach for B1/B2 interview in Nepal US consulate & state all facts see if they would grant her visa. May be on humanitarian ground they might consider granting visa since family is separated & she was not allowed to board flight at no fault of hers.