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    I never worked for sponsoring employer

    OK so his/her employment visa was approved at an US consulate, visa officer might have done due diligence & vetted employer, employer assured job is available for him/her to accept & approved visa when deemed fit. It is unfortunate job was not available when he landed in United States. Who knows...
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    I never worked for sponsoring employer

    The new I-140 withdrawal acknowledgement notices employers are receiving from USCIS clearly states it would have no impact on I-140 if withdrawal notice is received from employer after 180 days, unless there was fraud or misrepresentation for which USCIS could revoke at any moment. Now when...
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    I never worked for sponsoring employer

    @SusieQQQ I believe he should go ahead & file case & stick to facts. The officer could still ask him whether he worked for I-140 petitioning employer & he could take defense of AC21 & could have worked for other employer(s) AC21 is more lenient & helpful towards employees. For this job to be...
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    I never worked for sponsoring employer

    @smileyou1234 Green cards filed on employment basis are intended employment and of course circumstances changes after I-485 approves. You are allowed to switch employer or be self employed after 180 days of filing I-485 under AC21 portability provisions. May be you can take this defense...
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    Weird experience at Newark, NJ: Decision cannot be made

    Immediate preceding 5 years prior to filing N-400 are more important.
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    N400 with immigration court case pending?

    Even if he takes position of pending appeal & file N-400. Should he chooses to go in this route, N-400 will not be adjudicated favorably until appeal process is success.
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    Citizenship application denied for applying “too early”?

    Form N-400 part 1 B clearly asks whether you have been LPR for past 3 years, married to US citizen for those past 3 years & spouse has been US citizen for those past 3 years. 2 years 9 months is early filing requirement for you BUT you still need to fulfill requirement of spouse being US...
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    H1b Transfer while outside of USA

    There should be a H-1B bona fide job available for your friend, then employer could petition for consular processing.
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    Porting old priority date

    Its only the employer who could know. Technically I-140 belongs to employer so USCIS might have notified employer about some issue due to which priority date is withdrawn.
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    Porting old priority date

    Misrepresentation from either employee or employer. Priority date belongs to beneficiary i.e. you.
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    Porting old priority date

    USCIS ports priority date automatically when subsequent I-140's are filed. If your employer or attorney brings to USCIS they will issue corrected oldest priority date. Only in circumstances where fraud or misrepresentation is present USCIS does not ports priority date.
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    Does B.Sc Computer Science graduate get I140?

    You can apply ONLY in EB3 I-140
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    485 rejection notice, but still within 180 days of I-94 expiry, can file again?

    F2A is current you can have your wife concurrently file I-130 & I-485 for you.
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    485 rejection notice, but still within 180 days of I-94 expiry, can file again?

    @newbie1234 I believe you filed derivative employment based I-485 & missed out mentioning details on 3.a on page 3 & 9.a on page 4 of I-485. If that is the case your only luck is to wait until future months visa bulletin make your priority date to re-file I-485. I don't know if nunc pro tunc...
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    Need advise for citizenship

    Your period of stay outside US is 271 days (March 23rd to Dec 19th). Continuous residence is not interrupted if period of stay outside US is 180 days or less.