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    H1b visa transfer + extension

    1. If you switch to new employer old H-1B is no more going to be valid. I don't think it is good idea to get it stamped. #3 if you leave old job your employer may withdraw H-1B in which case you cannot go back to them unless they refile.
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    EB2 to EB3 - please help

    Your new employer do not even need to file new I-140. Once priority date becomes current you can file I-485. Follow as I wrote earlier.
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    EB2 to EB3 - please help

    Since your I-140 is already you don't need to refile I-140 again. when priority date becomes current all you would do is take I-485 supplement J filled up & signed by employer & submit along with your I-485. You need to pick option 1b on supplement J reason for filing. You should be fine as...
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    H1B - Transfer & Priority Date

    You don't need any experience letters. Watch out for future months visa bulletins. In whichever month your priority date becomes current you file I-485 based on that by including supplement J which needs to be signed by you & employer
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    H1B - Transfer & Priority Date

    Yes you can file EB2 I-485 you previously has from employer A while being employed by employer B provided employer A has not withdrawn I-140 & probably USCIS might question whether employer A has proof of paying proffered wages from labor certification & continues.
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    Changing job while I-485 final processing is underway

    You are OK to switch employer 180 days past of I-485 filing based on AC21 & submit new I-485 Supplement J should USCIS asks under AC21 portability clause.
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    H1B - Transfer & Priority Date

    Employer A can choose not to withdraw I-140 making way for you in future to file I-485 based on it. You can have both EB2 from employer A & EB3 from employer B. Priority date will be same b'coz you are accorded earliest priority date for any subsequent petitions as long as there was no fraud or...
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    Is there a limit to the number of H1 transfers I can file while current I-94 has expired?

    With so many H-1B's filed on your behalf you need to clearly indicate to USCIS when all previous petitions were filed by each company supported by pay stubs. I have a feeling that USCIS might approve your H-1B but deny extension of status for which you have to step out of country & re-enter...
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    H1B - Transfer & Priority Date

    Direct client H-1B's are OK unlike consulting companies. Should you choose to go to employer B, find out from employer A whether they would be issuing you employment verification should EB2 priority date becomes current OR if employer B files under EB3 then you can have both categories...
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    H-4 visa (H-1B/H4 extension got Denied) - H-4 status confusion - Please help

    If you are not maintaining H-1B status then I don't think dependent maintains status.
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    H1 B Transfer Denied

    Had employer A not withdrawn you could have gone back to them. Since you are saying they have withdrawn you could be out of luck, the I-94 validity of Sep 2019 is no good. Employer C can file H-1B & you need to go for consular processing.
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    employment terminated, I-797 expired. Planning to apply for H4 from india

    Yes, sure you do disclose about 8 days overstay but I don't think this could be taken against you. You are well within grace period stay. Go ahead tell them the truth that since your H-1B was withdrawn you choose to advance your marriage so that you can come to US on H4. After all you had...
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    Rfe on h1b transfer because of previous incorrect h1b approval

    That first application was never approved therefore you were not assigned a number from H-1B quota, & that is exactly what USCIS is saying in employer C's petition. If a number was assigned then future employers can file subsequent amendments, extensions or change of employer petitions
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    Job Title change between Prevailing wage and Perm filing

    PERM is future employment & it not necessarily has to match with your current job. You can be holding xxx job title currently whereas PERM can be for yyyy job title.
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    Rfe on h1b transfer because of previous incorrect h1b approval

    Well you thought it is better idea moneywise or career progress thats why you went with employer B without realizing consequences what if employer A's H-1B is denied. I believe attorney at employer B should have catched this but I am afraid it is too late. Even if you take good faith mistake by...