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    Case not at Nvc

    Find out from your employer if they have clearly marked consular processing in part 4 1.a of I-140. If not your employer needs to file I-824 to move approved I-140 to whichever city/country you would be obtaining immigrant visa.
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    Letting H1B lapse and working on EAD card from wife's family GC application

    I don't think yours is a family based petition. Its an employment based petition & you are derivative dependent on that petition.
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    Letting H1B lapse and working on EAD card from wife's family GC application

    I believe if you continue to work for same employer as original H1B, you can have your employer petition H1B even if you enter on AOS (adjustment of status) pending.
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    Changing employer after I485 approval

    Under AC21 portability, you are allowed to switch employer after 180 days of filing I-485. USCIS normally sends RFE whenever you are close to priority date becoming current requesting to submit I-485 supplement J. At that time you would have option to say original job is still available to...
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    Letting H1B lapse and working on EAD card from wife's family GC application

    Since you are letting your H1B lapse & you are an applicant on derivative I-485, you should not leave country unless you have approved advance parole in hand. Since your departure date is too close you should file advance parole & walk down to local USCIS office & request interim advance parole...
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    I 485 filed. Employer change. RFE handling

    @saravananopt I-485 belongs to applicant which would be you & under AC21 you are allowed to switch to new employer after 180 day of I-485 filing while it remains pending, as long as new job from different employer is same or similar occupation. You might have to file I-485 Supplement J should...
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    N400 paper work required

    Your permanent resident status will not expire or be gone by not having green card or if when it expires (green card). Green cards are required to be turn in when you go for citizenship oath.
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    Abandonment of I-485 application

    @senior spokesman Assuming you had filed I-130 on their behalf which was approved. You need to file I-824 to move approved I-130 from USCIS service center to NVC & then you can continue consular processing.
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    [H4] how to answer the question “ Is this application based on an extension or change of status already granted to your spouse, child or parent?"

    Under part 2 check 3.a change of status, 3.b husband's H-1b validity date start date .3.c H-4, put a check mark on 4. Under part 3 1. your husband's H-1b validity end date, 2.a yes, 2.b husband's H-1b file number, 3.a No. These responses are based on assumption your husband's H-1B is already...
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    Dismissed Domestic Violence Charge

    If case was dismissed due to lack of evidence I am wondering why why requirement of completing anger management. There is something missing.
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    Downgrading from EB2 to EB3

    Have your employer re-file EB3 I-140 based on previously approved EB2 labor certification. Only down side it has be filed in regular not premium processing. When I-140 gets approved with earliest ported priority date file I-485 depending on whenever priority date becomes current. With this you...
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    I-864 unemployed advice needed please!

    Oh OK. I-864 from petitioner PLUS joint sponsor.
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    I-864 unemployed advice needed please!

    Since you wrote each of you made 85K during last years I am assuming your wife is currently employed. If that is the case you can use her income for I-864 purpose as long as she continues to be employed in foreseeable future.
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    If your EAD is good until Apr 2020 then you can continue working no need to stop work AND in case H-1B is revoked you are good until next Apr when your employer can petition again & avail bridge gap provisions. Your H-1b petition should be mailed to USCIS before current EAD expires you can...
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    Your employer/attorney needs to file I-290B motion to reopen/reconsideration & rebut with explanation why job duties are consistent with cost estimator not construction manager. Keep in mind if I-290B is denied then you are out of luck. I am assuming your are coming from F1 OPT is your EAD valid...