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    Approved 797 - Not yet stamped - now intent to revoke status

    If this was new petition being subject to pulling number from H1B pool & if it is revoked by USCIS you are back to square one.
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    H1b Transfer in progress with employer-B, rejoin previous employer-A

    As long as employer A has not withdrawn approved H-1B you are good to go back & make sure have employer B withdraw filed & pending H-1B.
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    Can spouse apply for H4 with new I 797(H1 B extension approved but not stamped) ?

    Since your H-1b is already approved beyond 1st April 2019 try to schedule H4 interview & indicate US Consulate that your wife's H-1B is already until 2022. I believe they should be able to issue H-4 visa until 2022.
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    H1 Approval Notice - 2018

    H-1B job start date can be Oct 1st 2018 but not necessarily it has to be approved by that date going with so much backlog of H-1B cases with USCIS is currently going through. You need to wait until you receive your approval notice to start H-1B job.
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    Green Card Holder sponsoring spouse

    For Feb 2019 F2A for rest of the world is Dec 1st 2016. So you need to keep watching visa bulletin every other month. Going forward, In which ever month your priority date of Aug 2017 is past date shown in that month visa bulletin, your wife could be called for immigrant interview ONLY if I-130...
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    Approved 797 - Not yet stamped - now intent to revoke status

    Your employer needs to counter intent to revoke. If the findings based on what USCIS intends to revoke does not gets rebutted then USCIS would revoke the petition. Once it is revoked, I am afraid you no more has H-1B number from pool. Going forward your employer needs to file CAP subject H-1B...
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    ds 260 - Children info

    I am assuming you are the petitioner residing in US correct ? If that is the case you should not enter your details & obviously you are not migrating with your parent.
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    I-765 and I-131 were denied because of I-485 approval

    Probably your I-485 might have been approved.
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    H1b extention and amendment denied in 4th year. I140 in EB1C is approved. Can EAD applied from home country (India).

    You need to file I-824 to have USCIS ship approved I-140 to NVC to initiate consular processing so that you can attend green card interview in your home country & upon its approval enter US on employment based immigrant visa.
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    I-140 related Question

    H-1B job title & I-140 job title can be different.
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    Coming back to USA after project finished

    If your H-1B was specifically approved for this client location then it is over. It could be risky traveling on this H-1B.
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    H4 Stamping after CoS and H4 EAD approval

    You don't need to go for stamping interview unless you need to step out of & re-enter USA. Once you leave country after filing change of status from F1 to H4 will be abandoned. You need to wait until you hear decision on change of status from F1 to H4 OR go straight to US consulate based on...
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    H1 transfer based on previous I 140

    Even though you were eligible for 3 years H1B extension after I-140 approval It does not necessarily means you will get 3 years of extension. There should be something in your H-1B documents submitted that shows job exists only for 1 year.
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    Filing GC second time from another organization

    It is going to work in your interest that you port earliest filed priority date for any subsequent EB filings
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    Filing GC second time from another organization

    You misunderstood me. Yes you need to file new PERM & I-140 thru new employer AND you should be able to port earliest filed priority date. I believe you need to first get your previous I-140 info thru FOIA your new employer might need for porting priority date.