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  • Hi, I am in USA on a TD visa and my husband is a TN holder and a Canadian Citizen. I am not a Canadian PR yet (I have applied for Canada's PR). I am intending to change my status from TD to F1, I was wondering how it will affect us tax wise? I mean regarding USA and Canada's taxes.
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    Please, while filling the DS-230 form if one chooses " follow me on a later date" for spouse should he submit DS-230 for spouse? If so will they go together at the time of interview? Or just the principal?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hi, I posted about submitting i1-30, I-485 and I-485 supplement a together and yes my husband was physically here in the us his dad petitioned him in April 28 2001 and d petition was approved
    Hi ,
    Can you please delete my thread for privacy reasons ? I sent a report to you through report post button.
    Thank you
    Please could you help me, I have just recieved notice that my I-130 AND I-129F have been approved, my wife is pregant and due to give birth to my Baby in the US in 6-8 weeks

    will i be back in time an what do we have to do now?
    Hello you seemed very knowledgeable in this USCIS petitions etc, I really need some help in filing mother GC , i'm in between both worlds filing in Trinidad (Caribbean) or here which is more costly and she will have to stay 4-5 mths here in order to get it, I prefer in Trinidad however I very worried that her B1 visa may be canceled due to her overstaying back in 1999, i heard many stating that it won't be a problem and she will not have any issues since she receive a new visa and then I heard the opposite , can you pls share your honest answer going forward, so i can either file it now or wait till she is back next Jan and then file it here which will cost $ 500 more than her consulate.
    I really need to decide quickly on which way is the best and move, since i wasted already 3 mths since i became a citizen.
    Thanks Ashton
    Hello just wanted to confirm if my mother overstayed vacation 11 yrs ago will affect her GC interview overseas , overstayed time was 2 yrs due to medical issues, she returned back several times with the same visa and had no problems entering no questions asked etc.
    Her visa expired in 2008 which I applied for a renewal and all went well she got her renewal for another 10 yrs I mentioned to the officer she had medical issues which there was a Dr letter to support this and he said that's fine these things happen so no problem and he issued the visa.
    Next week I will be submitting her 1-130 just want to make sure during her interview she don't run into any problem with the overstay back in 2000, pls confirm if anyone has answers for the above questions.
    Thanks Ash
    Hi TheRealCanadian!You helped me yesterday with an answer about I-485 USCIS current status, sorry I am writing this to you, but I need your advice. You asked me if am married to a USC, and I am actually. so my story is :I came as a J-1 visitor, got two B-2 visas, which are expired already. So, which status and expiration date I have to write? Thanks for all your help, and soryy again I have to writwe to you directly:))
    hi please can you check my post on notice to appear before a jugde posted yesterday and talk to me please. nobody has responded.
    I unknowingly wrote down a wrong date of birth of my parent during application for the visa lottery. Realized this after being issued green card and do not know if it will affect me as I am applying for a job position that requires parents' date of birth.

    I do not know if i should write down the one I'd written during visa lottery application or the the real one.

    please do you have any idea?
    Hi. Thanks! So just so I have this right......
    US CItizen husband/step-dad files a i-130 on behalf of wife. $355
    US Citizen husband/step-dad files a i-130 on behalf of step-child. $355
    US Citizen husband/step-dad files a i-485 on behalf of wife. $935
    US Citizen husband/step-dad files a i-1485 on behalf of step-child. $600.
    Wife's i-485 section 2, box A shall be marked (I am the immediate relative of a US Citizen, immediate visa number available for me, etc etc etc)
    Step-child's I-485 section 2, box B shall be marked (...giving me derivative status)

    I-765 may be filed on behalf of wife
    I-765 may be filed on behalf of child (not really for employment purposes but so she can get her social Sec. number)

    No fee for I-765.

    Is this correct?
    Hello TheRealCanadian,

    You help is appreciated

    I became a US Citizen today. I received Naturalization certificate. My certificate did not have signature when I received it. Is it a problem. If I can put signature now. What signature Is it my regular signature with initials or signature with fullname? The photo on certificate has regular signature. Please respond immediately.

    Your advice would be really appreciated!

    If a British citizen who overstayed in Canada for 6 years and now has left on her own accord in 2009, is her exit date recorded in CBSA and could she be denied entry into Canada if she planned to visit again and if so, for how long?

    Thank you.
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