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    Hello Thankful, i forgot to mention that i did file a I-130 & I-485 for my mom and it's been pending for over 3years. I am a U.S. citizen and the thought of this case pending is very frustrating. All my efforts proved to no avail. Please help.
    Hello thankful:
    I read a post from lazerthegreat who referenced you as one of his help in drafting his complaint in filing a writ of mandamus. Could you please help me? I will really appreciate any help from you. Thanks
    due to some reason i lost my f1 status two months ago.i had maintained my f1 status for 1year and now i want to apply for political asylum.can you tell me when to apply ?
    hi thankful.. please help me and i think you the only one can help me..

    i have a question for you.. i'm asylee.. granted june 2008.. and on april 2009 i married my girlfriend in singapore.. (we both from Indonesia).. my question is.. should i apply I-730 for her ASAP? but i got asylum when i was single.. or should i wait until i got my green card, then apply I-130? which one is better and easier? or do you have any other suggestion for me? thank you so much.. God bless you..
    Hi Thankful,

    Huge thanks for being so helpful to everyone on these boards. I am relatively new to them but I found them very useful, largely thanks to people like you. :)

    I had a question about travel abroad with GC & NP but no RP - and I was wondering if you could possibly glance at my thread http://forums.immigration.com/showthread.php?t=297410 ? I would really appreciate some insight on it from someone who has better background with the issue. (Sorry if this has been asked before - I tried searching for an existing thread that answered this, but I can't seem to find anything.)

    Thank you so much!
    Hello Thankful
    I know you are a very helpful person. My I485 has been filed on Nov. 20, 2006, but till this current moment (Feb. 12, 2009) I did not hear anything back from USCIS. In between I've called USCIS several times, and had a InfoPass appointment twice which did not help at all.
    I know we could file the law suit, Writ of Mandamus (WOM) through Pro Se Package by myself.
    Would it be possible to have any WOM related sample which I could use for my filing? Thank you so much for your attention.
    I've one question. I recently received letter from USCIS requesting me to submit birth certificate of my wife. I'd petitioned for her a year ago. How long will it take for the petition to be approved after i submit the requested documents.
    HI Can you pleas ehelp me wiht the writs i am plananing to file one i would really appreicte your gudence on this . Thanks
    how u doing //
    I GOT DANIAL I 485 cuse i i didnt take with me one police report so officer danial my I 485 AND HE SAID IF U GONA MONTION U WILL WASTE U R MONEY HE SAID REAPLY IT .
    I ASK HIM this gona take agian long time and re do evrything back again he said yes..
    i want to know how long time take to reopen as fill I 290b .oR WHAT DIFRENT GONA MAKE IF I REAPLY I 485 ..
    wHAT sHOULD I DO >>??
    before it took six year to me get this interview now i have to wait againg six year??
    please help me out ..
    if u know about it or u have any exp.
    please Thanks
    Sorry i accidentally didnt finish posting. I saw that you said students who have withholding of removal status are not eligible to receive federal aid.
    I am a third year UC berkeley student and my parents jsut got withholding of removal granted and i'm a derivative of that status.
    Could you please explain as to why i can't get federal aid or where exactly in the law doe sit say that, or if theres even the slightes bit of chance for me to get federal aid, it'd be great, please email me at suleman@berkeley.edu thanks ( i only joined this website to send you this message)
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