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    approval after fingerprints

    You are right Vivekm. My friend had his FP done about 45 days after his RD. Since then 9 months have passed. He is waiting patiently for his approval
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    can I get pp stamping in a different location?

    My approval notice said that I should go to my local INS office for stamping and the address of the INS office was on the notice too. I dont know about taking the notice and going to another INS office.
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    Hello, Anyone here?

    what law is this? any links to it?
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    Hello, Anyone here?

    Looks like the three of us have time to browze forums which have nothing in them...haha
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    Hello, Anyone here?

    I am :-)
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    SSN update after passport stamping

    Can someone tell me which form I have to use to update my SSN once I get my passport stamped ie to remove the " authorised for work only" on my SSN Card Or point me to a link where I can download the form Thanks
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    Passport stamping experience at Newark

    sav321 one question...can you tell me why you needed the status change on Social secutiry card? (changing from "What" to "What") Thanks