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  • Hello Rajiv Sir,
    I am a struggling resident physician from Ohio and you have been kind enough to guide me in the past. My wife is in a situation where she may be denied a job based on her visa situation and I wanted your expert advise on this. Briefly about her :
    She was on H1B in Jan 2007 and was under the US advanced Degree quota . She worked for two years and then left her job
    Changed to H4 in Jan 2010 and now has been offered a job with US bank.
    1. I am assuming that she is cap exempt as she held a H1B in the previous 6 years
    2. Will she get a approval for 3 years or for the remaing 1 year of her initial H approval and then get an extension for a nother 3 yrs?
    Please help us out as these are the only answers they are looking for before they offer her the position. What they are thinking is that they may have to incur expenses based on lawyer fee two times if she gets approval for one year followed by another three years.Please reply Urgently and I your help a lot.
    Hi Rajiv,

    I was working on H1-B for Company A and resigned effective 2/19/2010 since I was moving to another city due to husband's job. I applied for change of status to H4- the I-539 receipt notice was issued on 2/19/2010. Now, company B wants to hire me on H1-B visa - LCA is approved. Do I have to wait to receive my H4 approval before Company B can file H1B petition? I want to start working for company B as soon as possible. Please advise the best way to handle this.

    Thanks very much,
    Rajeev Sir,
    I have just been accepted into a residency program here at a university.
    Do they have to amend my H1b or will it be a fresh H1b? My jobwill change from Research Associate to resident. If yes, can I join residency before the amendment is approved? I heard that INS should receive the petition before the join date and I am fine.Worst case scenario my I -140 get’s rejected what are my options to start residency in july? I remember last time you told me that my current H1b will not be revoked, so I can continue for residency till nov 2009 , but what after that??I have applied for green card and I-140 that means that I cannot get J1 or there is still a way I could get that or any other visa like O1? I have worked hard to come so far that I have finally got a spot and there is no way I want to let this go because of a Visa Issue.
    Please help me Rajeev. You have mentioned multiple times that you do not charge from struggling doctors please please guide me sir.Rajimg.
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