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    You said something about 12 week of waiting for J-1 AP back in 2008. I wanted to know how accurate is what you said. Because I’m in my 11th week and about to call it a day. Is there any hope still. I don’t even know if you’d see this.
    I’m very desperate
    Yes you can file I485 now. Print the favorable recommendation notice from the DOS web page along with copy/copies fom all DS you ever had. If you want to wait ~3 weeks till you receive the letter from DOS, this will work too. If you want to wait ~6 months to receive the final waiver this is up to you. For me I printed the favorable rocommendation notice and filed the I485i n the same day (I was ready with medical exams and every thing else). When you recieve the real notice (favorable rocommendation and/or final waiver) you can send it with cover letter along with a copy from the I485 you are going to receive to update your pending I485 bythen. good luck.
    NB The visa stamp notice of being subjec or not to212e has nothing to do with your subjectivity. It is just one of two stamps present in consulates overseas and your visa will be stamped with one of hem totally on random base.
    J1 waiver and 485 filing
    To mmed

    Hello Sir,
    I want some suggestions from you regarding my I485 filing. The advisory opinion of DOS said I was subjected to 212e home rule (although my visa forms said not subject), I got the favorable reco from DOS very recently. I am waiting the letter to come from DOS and also for the final approval (I hope) from USCIS.
    Under this circumstances, can I file I-485?
    I have approved I-140 (EB1A).
    If yes, what shall I write in part 3, question 12 of I-485 form

    Yes or NO?

    "Have you ever subjected to HRR and have not yet compiled with the requirement or obtained a waiver?"

    Hi everyone!
    I'm looking for some advice on april 6 i had recive an appoinment notification of ASC office to be fingerprinted on the date april 23.I went to the appoinment it took about 10 minutes to get my fingerprints done i get an stamp on my recipt and i 'll like to know how long i have to wait to get my EAD,my recipt say this fingerprint nofication applied for both I-485 and I-765 and something else i had recive a recipt one for I-485 and other for I-765 and boths numbers on the recipts start with the letters MSC there is no way to track information about both cases could you please tell me what is the next step
    Thanks for notes,
    The point is to discuss immigration issues under this subforum and has nothing to do with credit history or similar and to the est of my knowledge most if not all those free credit and similar are commercial

    Hi, My post was actually the most non-commercial of all in this thread. The other free service mentioned by creative10 is the commercial service and not the one that I mentioned. I didn't want people to think that the freecreditreport.com is in fact free. It is NOT! And I just mentioned the non-commercial one as a better and totally FREE alternative. Please reconsider and restore my post. And next time please do some research (by actually visiting the site yourself) before removing it.

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