lucky person

I am happy to join this group. I have some questions dears which I'd like answers to:

I am from Ethiopia; my husband won Dv 2016, with CN 25 xxx.

1) When CN will be current? Still not submit DS-260, should we submit everything as soon as possible?

2) To fill DS- 260, we had confusion on the following…. before six months we ( my husband and me) lived and work in different city , the mailing address of him we filled was a city where I lived and work previously .So that the current and previous mailing address of him will be different. Does this make a problem?

3) The name of mailing address we filled was …….COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCE but when they replied they write as …… COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIE ( science changed by scie). Does this make a problem?

Thanks in advance.



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