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  • Hey you've got your green card? Mind if i ask how old are you? You have alot of saving. I'm facing an issue, i could just have enough saving, by the time they ask me to show up my saving then they could require me to have more because it's gonna be next year i'll be called for interview, not even sure when will i get the chance because my case 2009AS00023XXX which is far more higher than yours and you only got it on August(which i know September is the last month of giving interview). Can i know which city do you plan to go to US? Any financial resource you think can help me to grow my personal saving bigger so i can prove to US Embassy Officer i have enough money? Besides can i know what job is easier to get in US? What kind of information did you get to get the job? I really want to live and work in US please help me. By the way i have a degree in Computing and i have two years experience working in Security line, now i'm a software test analyst. Please give me more information or anything you think i should know. Thanks and appreciated :)
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