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Police Clearance Certificate & Passport Office Clearance Certificate

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by jigneshonelove, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. jigneshonelove

    jigneshonelove Registered Users (C)

    I Want To Obtain Police Clearance Certificate & Passport Office Clearance Certificate From The Thane Passport Office. Any One With The Expereince Or Any Other Details. Please Let Me Know.
  2. jigneshonelove

    jigneshonelove Registered Users (C)

    Sample Police Clearance Application


    I Did not find any details of basic paper requirements which are essentail for people liek me who want to do things by themselves... and have no other options...

    ALL people have to take together copies of ... birth certitifcate , a written application, residence light bill xerox, ration card( for INDIA ) , and last college leaveing certificate....

    And a simple letter stating that they require PCC and please mention the destination country for ur PCC..... and address it to the commisioner of POLICE
  3. jigneshonelove

    jigneshonelove Registered Users (C)

    Passport Office Clearance Certificate


    My passport was issued by the thane passport office... i went there to do my aapplicaion for above mentioned certificate to find out to my shock that the PASSPORT office is just opened from 10 AM to 12.30 AM.... and it is closed on saturday and sunday.... this is the least time an office is opened and that for so much important stufff... i wonder why... i had to come back home and have to go again... but people coming from others parts of the state to thane please do take note of the timmings to cause unnecessary delay and waste of money. Please carry original andxerox copies of all documents. Xerox centres are outside the office tooo....
  4. jigneshonelove

    jigneshonelove Registered Users (C)

    hi ,

    I got the Passport clearance certificate in 7 working days( mon to fri)... and i got the police clearance certificate in 10 working days( mon to Fri)
  5. nsvr

    nsvr Registered Users (C)

    Is one PCC suffiencient?

    What is a "Passport office clearance"? When you have a passport, is that not sufficient? Do you need an additional passport office clearance?

    How to obtain police clearence for all places where the beneficiary stayed for more than 6 months after the beneficiary crossed 16 yrs age?

    I obtained the application for Police clearance certificate and examined the contents. There is no provision in the application to request for clearance from a place that the beneficiary stayed 10 yrs back. All that the application checks for is if the beneficiary stayed at the "current residence" from more than 2 yrs. If the beneficiary stayed at the current residence for less than 2 yrs, then the applicant has to provide the previous address. Can you help me on matter please

    Thanks in advance for your help

  6. anurag_nc

    anurag_nc Registered Users (C)

    Police Clearance Certificate


    Can U please let me know the format of the letter?
    I have applied GC for my mother and wanted to be prepared..
    She is here in US with me. If needed, I would have to ask one of my relatives to get it from district Thane to get it. Will that work?

    Please share the forma fi U can


  7. dde

    dde Registered Users (C)

    apply at passport office for both?

    my parents need the certificates for cp green card. i gathered from various threads that 2 clearances are reqd. the passport clearance is stamped in passport (indian) and the police cc is given by local thana. should they apply separately to passport office and local thana? if yes, then they should fill up 2 misc service application forms (#2), one for pp and one for police? or does one submission to passport office suffice for both?
  8. bigbull99

    bigbull99 Registered Users (C)

    This is what my dad did-
    Went to a travel agent, and told hime that his GC is in processing and he need a police clearence certificate. He gave the travel agent his original passport, 2 passport photos, proof of address- rashencard,(copy) and paid him Rs1200.00 The agent filled out Form 2 and got his signatures on Form 2, he told my dad that Rs300.00 is the fee for Police clearence certificate, and the rest is his fee.
    In 45days he got his passport back in speed post witha stamp in its last page and a seperate form with his picture on it stating that police clearence certificate.
    I read on the passport website of india that, if you get a police enquiry initially when you apply for the passport, you wont get any enquiry know for this certificate. You will just get the certificate and stamped passport,
    I also read that you can get it at local police office. But i did not want to take any chance. so i got it with passport office.
    Hope this helps
  9. dde

    dde Registered Users (C)

    thanks very much for the prompt reply. i am confused about the TWO clearances asked for people whose passports were issued >6mths back. one from passport office and 2nd from local police. my parents have given passports + forms + photos + proof of residence (ration card etc) to travel agent. my question is - when they get the passports with stamp back, is that all? or do they get a separate paper which is the clearance from local police? thanks again.
  10. bigbull99

    bigbull99 Registered Users (C)

    You are doing the right thing. Now just wait for 45 days, you will get the passport stamped in one of the last pages and along with it you will geta seperate from whit the passport picture and has a seal ststing police clearence certificate. You need not go to nay police station. If you parent lived in a different state then you might be better of getting letter from the police station , If not. you are all set.
    Where are your parents going for CP? My dad is going for one in Chennai, can you please tell me which stage is the process in? If you dont mind. I live in Boston
  11. dde

    dde Registered Users (C)

    thanks a lot. that is very reassuring. interview shd be in mumbai. that will be another headache as i doubt they have any formal immunisation records! oh well. one step at a time, i guess. best wishes for your dad's interview. may everything go smoothly and he is with you soon.
  12. bigbull99

    bigbull99 Registered Users (C)

    did you already get the interview date at mumbai?
  13. dde

    dde Registered Users (C)

    no. passport + police clearance certs still not available, so cannot send packet to nvc yet.
  14. bigbull99

    bigbull99 Registered Users (C)

    I just sent the documents to NVC from india. They reached NVC on 16th Mar 2011. Now the wait begins. Hopefully all the documents i sent are sufficient?. I will keep you posted with the updates.
    Till you get the PC and passport, get all the other paper work ready, and send it through speed post to NVC,once you have PC and copy of the passport.
    If you dont mind pls keep me updated from your end.
  15. Suresh_1980

    Suresh_1980 Registered Users (C)

    I am waiting for my wife's passport and PCC from Thane office. Passport itself has taken more than 6 months for me unfortunately. After lots of trips, I am told my passport should come in a week or so. The whole experience of getting passport is so depressing. This inspite of having all documents in place. Sometimes the excuse is this paper has not reached, that paper is not updated, etc etc... Once passport comes, I will be sending my documents to NVC,
  16. dde

    dde Registered Users (C)

    thanks bigbull99. still waiting for pp and getting all other papers ready. mom does not have bc, so had to apply to corpn for nonavailability cert + arrange two affidavits. as i understand all originals + one photocopy of each original has to be sent to nvc. am i correct? if pp still not ready when everything else is, should i send copy of the recpt pp office gave?
    hope your dad's interview is scheduled soon and goes smoothly.
  17. bigbull99

    bigbull99 Registered Users (C)

    No. wait for the passport. send in once you get all the documents.
    With my dad, I sent in all the documents, after 10 days i got an email with a check list stating me to send my marriage certificate-original. I sent the photo copy, thinking that my dad can carry with him the original, Butit did not work, so I am sending in my original marriage certificate, once the get it, then they will schedule the interview.
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  18. vijaya2011

    vijaya2011 New Member

    Please help,I have two kids whose passport is being made for studying in U.S. and they require a police clearance certificate, but I have heard on the internet that you do not require a police clearance certificate within the first six months of passport issue date ,is this true please reply
  19. Suresh_1980

    Suresh_1980 Registered Users (C)

    Vijaya - My wife had a brand new passport and still she needed PCC. I would say do not take chance, just apply for PCC( the one with stamp on passport).
  20. dde

    dde Registered Users (C)

    Police Clearance

    At long last my parents have got their passports back bearing the clearance stamp. They are facing another problem. The police (and passport office) are saying that that is it. The police came to check their house etc and gave the clearance to passport office. There is NO PAPER FROM THE POLICE. But US lawyers want a cert from the police. What can they do? Please help. What a nightmare!

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