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How long does I-130 approval take?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by eagle28, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. eagle28

    eagle28 Registered Users (C)

    My I-130 was filed by my hubby on 06/15. It has been over four months now, but there's no progress. This kinda case takes 6 months or less @ CSC. Is that a bad sign? Could it take more than 6 months even if no additional evidence is requested?

    Aztec got his approved in 3 months. Why is mine taking so long? :mad: this is really frustrating.
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  2. aymannada

    aymannada Registered Users (C)

    I applied on December 2005, and I didn't get the approval yet.
    I got approved in my Interview, and the office told me I will need only the I-130 to be approved.

    I am going to the infopass on Friday, and I will let you know the procedure.
  3. asPapi

    asPapi Registered Users (C)

    Did you file Form I-130 on its own or concurrently with Form I-485?
  4. eagle28

    eagle28 Registered Users (C)

    On its own I think. WHat's the difference? filing I-485 concurrently makes the process faster? Thanks.
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  5. chocolat

    chocolat Registered Users (C)

    I think filling the forms together speeds up the process from reading the timelines. Since 130 os only a petition for alien relative and 485 is the actual application to register permanent residence or adjust status.
  6. letsien

    letsien Registered Users (C)

    be patient it takes about 6months ...........
  7. eagle28

    eagle28 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks. :)

    JSANTANAFUENTES Registered Users (C)

    Hi Everybody
    First Time This Forum
    I Have A Question My Brother Is My Sponsor And His A Citizen I Apply
    For My I-130 Back On 3-11-2001 And They Aproved On 6-7-2005 Is Been Over Two Years And Still Nothing Can I Apply For Ead
  9. davidm992

    davidm992 Member

    Now that you have the I-130 approved you have to file I-485 Adjustment of status!, then you will be able to apply for EAD..
    By the way. did you came legally. wiht a visa?..
  10. JMG1010

    JMG1010 Registered Users (C)

    Alone the I-130 should take up to six months, mine took a little over 3 months in Vermont.
  11. chetnashah

    chetnashah New Member

    Does anyone know how long will it take after I have send the Visa Application Fee?
  12. chocolat

    chocolat Registered Users (C)

    You don't have to wait for the I130 to be approved to file the other forms. That's why most people file all forms at the same time.
  13. eagle28

    eagle28 Registered Users (C)

    Not filing concurrently slows the process? Please throw some light. My lawyer didn't mention about filing all forms at the same time. :(

    Had I filed I-485 concurrently, I'd have gotten my approval by now?
  14. chocolat

    chocolat Registered Users (C)

    There is a "package" of forms and documents you send when you file for adjustment of status. I130 and I485 are some of the forms sent. Your attonerney should have know that. Is he/she a member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association)? You can check on their website: www.aila.org
    From reading the timelines on this forum I noticed the whole process from filing the forms to the interview is taking about 4 months in general.
  15. eagle28

    eagle28 Registered Users (C)

    Don't know if I have to worry about I-485 now. I am outside the U.S. My lawyer is a member of AILA. Does it mean that he's competent enough? Thanks.
  16. chocolat

    chocolat Registered Users (C)

    You were getting confused answers because you are not in the US and I don't think people realized it. Are doing CP? If yes, the process is a little different and the timelines I mentioned don't apply.
    It doesn't garantee that is competent enough, but it means he is suppose to know the immigrations laws pretty well.
  17. eagle28

    eagle28 Registered Users (C)

    THanks. that makes me feel better. I was really worried. I'll be going thru' CP in India. Do I still need I485 now? Thanks for all your responses.
  18. chocolat

    chocolat Registered Users (C)

    Don't worry about form I485. That only applies to people that are already in the US. There is a similar form that is filled for CP.
    There is a forum under Immigrant Visas for Consular Processing Issues for GC where I think you will be able to find similar cases to yours.
    Good luck!
  19. eagle28

    eagle28 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks, Chocolat. You rock!!!! Thanks again for all your prompt responses. :)
  20. polo305

    polo305 Registered Users (C)

    I have a question...Im new to the forum and I wanted to know if the I130 form ever expires...

    My Priority Date (PD) was January 13, 1997 and the Notice Date (ND) was April 1, 1997. I recently recieved these papers from the person who petitioned me (yes, I am angry becasue I could have taken care of this a loong time ago)

    Do I have to start my process all over... if not... what do I do from this point?

    In addition, I am engaged at the present time. If I marry my Fiance... will that interfere with this process?? Should I wait?

    Please resond...

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