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H1B Visa stamp in Pakistan, Latest situation

Discussion in 'Pakistan - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Movin' started by msriaz, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. msriaz

    msriaz Registered Users (C)

    I am working for a company on H1B visa for last 2 years. I am planning to go to Pakistan to get H1B visa stamp on my passport. This is my first H1B visa stamp on passport.

    Can anybody please tell me how much time is required to get this visa stamp in Islamabad. I am trying to get some idea of how much vacation I need for this.

    If somebody has recently got the H1B visa stamp, can he please share his experience and what documents did he attached with the application.

    Is there a way to expedite this process?

    I will be really greatful.

    Best wishes.

  2. Trueman999

    Trueman999 Registered Users (C)

    It will probaly will take you 8-10 weeks to acquire a Visa from Islamabad. they will do Administrative Background check before issuing you a Visa? Good Luck. Why do't you apply visa from Canada (if you are PR of Canada).
  3. tanveer666

    tanveer666 New Member

    U Have To Wait 4 Months


    If You Guys Will Go To Pakistan U Have To Wait 4 Months For Secuirty .

    Guys Pls Keep This In Mind This Is Latest Situation

    If U Have Any Question U Can Call Me At

  4. Ajmalkhan72

    Ajmalkhan72 New Member

    Waiting for H1B stamp for the last 2 years

    I have been waiting to get my H1B visa stamp for the last 2 years now. I was interviewed at US embassy, Islamabad. Does anybody have similar experience as mine.


    A Shams
  5. k_syed

    k_syed Registered Users (C)

    I have been waiting for Security Clearnce since last 16 months now.
    VISA Approval: Sep 29, 2004.
    Still waiting. Ajmalkhan72, Did u tried to contact FBI and DOS about ur Case status. I had some contact number of these Agencies which r as follows:

    BI Name Check Unit Chief Unit Chief : Rene Morton
    Tel : 1-202-324-1492
    Fax : 1-202-324-9890

    State Dept Number : 1-202-663-1225
    Fax (202) 663-3899
    After you call the above DOS number i.e (202-663-1225), press 1 and then 0 and you will connected to

    a live visa section officer. The usual wait time is about 3-5 mins.

    If u did contact them then let me what u have to say about it.
    Another Question: Were married when u applied and Did u applied alone for H1-B or with ur Wife (if married)?
  6. ftniv

    ftniv Registered Users (C)

    Ajmal did u applied for the first time H1B? Did they ask you about any other document during the two years like police certificate etc.

    K_Syed and Ajmal did ur security clearance come under visa mantis ( means your profession come under technology alert list like physics, chemical engg etc.)
  7. Ajmalkhan72

    Ajmalkhan72 New Member

    Waiting for H1B stamp for the last 2 and a half years

    Dear K_Syed,

    I called DOS and talked to a visa specialist. It was a long wait about 23 minutes. All he said is that this case is still under investigation and did not give any more details except that I will be informed once the case has been settled. Do you think it would be worth calling BI. Does it help to call them. I mean do they accelerate the processing by calling them.


  8. ftniv

    ftniv Registered Users (C)

    Ajmal :

    I am also in the same boat with you as i am waiting for the last 13 months and this is my first time H1B visa.
    Interview Date: 12 May, 2005
    Finger Print Date: 16 May, 2005
    Call From Embassy Asking For Police Cert.: 29 Nov, 2005
    Submit Police Cert. : 5 Dec, 2005
    Current Status : Still Waiting

    On 14 June, 2006 I called DOS after approx. 20 minutes wait lady at DOS told me that my case is still under administrative processing and they don't know how much time it took and the maximum processing time. Only pieceful information she give is last request of security clearance they got from embassy is on 31 May, 2006 which is still under processing. I hope inshaAllah we all get our visas stamped soon inshaAllah.

    Ajmal you asked them (DOS) how many times did the embassy requests them (DOS) for the security clearance and when did the embassy last time request them (DOS). One thing is sure these things does not expedite the case, just give us a hope that some processing is going on and inshaAllah one day it will finish processing.
  9. imqwer

    imqwer Registered Users (C)

    name check

    Just for the sake for all interested ...

    If your name check / clearance does not get done in 2-3 months then you are done. 2-3 months means that you are cleared through computer without much human intervention. Normally it happens for names which are relatively less common. But if you have common names like Muhammad, Ali, Khan etc. then you cannot get cleared by the computer. Your case will go for manual check by some FBI person. They have so many cases in the line and so much fewer resources for this job which is their lowest priority job. If you are lucky then it may take 8-10 months; otherwise 2-3 years.

    There is no use calling them. Cases can be expedited by the client of FBI only, in this case consulate. So, try to find some 'sifarish' in the consulate.
  10. ashahid

    ashahid New Member

    Was told 5 days. Been 6 weeks...H1B

    Hi All,
    I went to the Islamabad Embassy and was told that my visa would be ready for delivery in 5 days. I called up after 7 and was told that I was incorrectly told 5 days...it takes 4 to 6 weeks. It's been 6 weeks. My case is probably one of the cleanest...got my bachelors from the US, started working for a fortune 300 in a finance role, and have never been a trouble maker. So keep watching for my next post to know when I get my stamp...you can possibly base my experience here for your own if you are thinking of leaving the US for your H1B.

    My company has promised to retain me for 12 months...thats how much leave I can take without losing my job. I wouldn't have taken the risk otherwise.

  11. ftniv

    ftniv Registered Users (C)

    InshaAllah u will get ur visa soon. According to my observation and experience that the only thing that causing the delays are common names like muhammad, ali, ahmed. So if the applicant has false hit with other matching names in their database than the applicant has to pass through security clearance no matter how clean his/her record is. The time of clearance vary from person to person. InshaAllah we all get our visas soon.
  12. Atlzbest26

    Atlzbest26 Registered Users (C)

    Any updates?
    Do post your time lines...
  13. ashahid

    ashahid New Member

    H1 B Processing- ashahid

    Hi All,
    As promised I am posting my update. It's been over 10 weeks now and I still have not heard back about my H1B visa. Here's a word of advice...while waiting take up golf, polish up your spanish and take a trip to China. Time goes by a lot quicker when you aren't waiting.

    Time lines:
    H1B Approval came in October, 2004
    Went to American Express to give documents on May 16th, 2006
    Called for interview on May 25th, 2006
    Waiting since.

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2006
  14. mir00

    mir00 New Member

    Getting H4 Visa for Spouse from Islamabad

    I am on H1 visa and waiting for my labor certification in the US. I don't think I can dare to come to Pakistan to get a visa stamp based on the reports here. My visa is expired and I am stuck inside US. However, my wife wants to visist Pakistan and she will need to get her visa stamped to return.

    Does any one have experience for getting H4 visa stamped in Islamabad for a spouse ?

    People who have had long wait times, are they applying for the first H1 stamp or simply extending it. Any difference in time for extensions ?


  15. Atlzbest26

    Atlzbest26 Registered Users (C)

    Someone i know had her H4 approved in about 6 weeks. I think thats the avg.

    However, today the Security alert was raised to RED in the US following the terrorist plot in UK! I am sure that calls for extra precautions at all embassies so i would suggest to be prepared for the worst.
  16. k_syed

    k_syed Registered Users (C)

    Got Approval for H-4 VISIT while waiting for H1-B VISA stamp

    I'm waiting for my H1-B VISA stamp since last 2 years now. I've just applied for my wife's H-4 VISA (on 10 Aug, 2006) and officer was surperised that I am waiting since last 2 years. They didn't ask any tuff question from my wife, just looked at Wedding Pictures,Nikah Nama (both English and Urdu) and told her that they will re-view her husband case (thats me) and try to do the stamping as soon as possible.
    Hope, after my wife's H-4 approval, my case will expediate and according some of similar cases, after wife's H-4 approval stamp will normally occur in 2 month.
    Let see!
  17. ftniv

    ftniv Registered Users (C)

    I hope this milestone proves to be a turning point in the security clearance of your case. Wish u luck. InshaAllah ur case will be concluded soon. Keep us updated about ur experiences.
  18. ashahid

    ashahid New Member

    Yo...it be here...me H1

    My H1 is here after a 3 month wait. I would suggest regularly calling up the embassy..at least once every week. And an occasional call to the state department is also recommended.

    best of luck,

  19. ftniv

    ftniv Registered Users (C)

    Congratulation Ali on getting your visa stamped. Did embassy ask u for the complete finger prints or it was just an interview with index fingers print (normal one).
  20. Noman123

    Noman123 New Member

    Kindly Suggest Me, Please.FName, MName and LName

    I recieved my H1B visa with the name of "Riaz, Noman Haji ".

    Actually, my Passport(Pakistani) has the following informations
    SurName: Noman
    Given Name : --- (blank)
    Father Name: Haji Riaz

    while NIC(Pakistani) has
    Name :Noman
    Father Name : Haji Riaz

    My every academic has the info like NIC, that is
    Name :Noman
    Father Name: Haji Riaz

    What i want to know is this H1B visa name is correct "Riaz, Noman Haji". :confused:
    Secondly, what i have to write in First, Middle and Last Name columns ? :eek:
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 7, 2006

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