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Getting free medical insurance after becoming permanent resident?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by myjuls, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. myjuls

    myjuls Registered Users (C)

    Does anybody know if you can apply for a free medical insurance ( like HIP,Family Health Plus etc) after you receive your green card? Or with Affidavite of Support submitted with USCIS you can't do that?

  2. ari4u

    ari4u Registered Users (C)

    nice try. :) I'm paying close to $900 every month for COBRA. Let me know if you find anything for free :)
  3. ps182

    ps182 Registered Users (C)

    Woww , If there is a way for free Insurance, Count me in .... Well , Count everyone IN .... :p

    Edited : How about free car insurance ? I pay close to 3K a year .
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  4. Addie_Goodvibes

    Addie_Goodvibes Registered Users (C)

    I work in the sports medicine medical industry, In some states such as CA there are community health programs ( Healthy Families & Medical)available to individuals that meet certain income requirements or should I say that are below certain income requirements.

    In CA they have Medical and Healthy Families community health programs most are free of charge or depending on income, require a small contribution.

    The amount of subsidized Health care a family gets depends on how many dependends and how much the household earns. These State Medicla programs favor Women & Children, so if you have children that need medical care I would look into it.

    As far as USCIS is concerned they want to be sure you are NOT dependent on the state for support , so it would be best not to ask about this in an interview and if you are receiving and govt. or municipal spnosrhsip and did NOT mention it on the I-864/ or I-485 do NOT bring it up at the interview.
  5. myjuls

    myjuls Registered Users (C)

    I think I didn't express it the right way. What I mean is medicaid or medicare for families with low income?
  6. eddie_d

    eddie_d Registered Users (C)

    Gain GC, jump on welfare. Well played.
  7. Addie_Goodvibes

    Addie_Goodvibes Registered Users (C)

  8. myjuls

    myjuls Registered Users (C)

    As far as USCIS is concerned they want to be sure you are NOT dependent on the state for support , so it would be best not to ask about this in an interview and if you are receiving and govt. or municipal spnosrhsip and did NOT mention it on the I-864/ or I-485 do NOT bring it up at the interview.[/QUOTE]
    Thanks for info Addie_Goodvibes

    I have already passed the interview and got the card ,and I have never been on any programs before.Now that I am already a permanent resident I (or my husband ) can't afford to pay $ 900 or whatever money a month for insurance , my employer doesn't offer any medical benefits. I used to pay everything out of my own pocket and it's really hard now. So I was thinking if there is a way of doing it and it's not against USCIS rules ( like I-864).
  9. myjuls

    myjuls Registered Users (C)

    Well, I didn't meant welfare. I 've been working all the time since I'm in USA and I intend to do so. But ,unfortunately, for an immigrant it's kind of hard to find a well paid job right away.

    Welfare and medicaid are different things.
  10. ip_everywhere

    ip_everywhere Registered Users (C)

    You would be eliglible to apply for medicaid only after 5 yrs of being the premenant resident.
    They don't even let you apply before that. Besides, when you'll file for your naturalization, I think there is a question reagrding , if you have ever recieved any walfare benefits from Govt. Now I don't know what are the implications gonna be,if you have marked yes for this question.

    Hope this help.
  11. lakelady

    lakelady Registered Users (C)

    Interesting topic. But I am not sure I agree with your statement that for an immigrant it's hard to get a job that pays well. I got a job in 3 days from the day I had my EAD in my hand and I could be making more if I had looked for a little longer, but it's pretty good for something I got in 3 days! They had been interviewing people for a while, but if you are a match, they will hire you regardless of where you came from. The other person that was interviewed was not an immigrant and I got the job.
    It is all about your educational background, work history, skills, how you do you job hunting and your performance during the job interview. Not for once I felt discriminated by my boss or any of my coworkers. Having a GC, EAD, work visa or being a citizen should not make any difference, discrimination in the work place is illegal.
    Maybe like me, you were desperate to start working once you got your EAD, if you take the time to job hunt now that things are not so hectic, I bet you'll get a nice job that offers benefits and all.
    About health insurance, my experience is that depending on your age and health, you are better off without it. I broke a bone recently and without insurance I went to the doctor at this really nice clinic specialized on othopedics. The doctor, nurses, receptionists and even people the took my x-rays were great and do you know how much I paid? $115, that is the total, after 4 x-rays and 3 visits! That amount doesn't even cover 1 month of the premium for a person in their 20's, who most of the times hardly ever need medical treatment. I always had accident insurance, that is very cheap compared to regular health insurance
    Doctors can't stand dealing with insurance companies, so if you come ready to pay they give you a break and all :)
    my 2 cent...

  12. candyattitude

    candyattitude Registered Users (C)

    well i've been here for a long time and i've never had health insurance....i was given a quote of more than $1000 and all i ever get is the flu....during those days i just stay at home and take theraflu....
    although i haven't gotten my GC yet, i'm going to try to see if i can get on my hubby's health plus or something and then i will let you know what they say after we inquire about this.

    anywayz lakelady, what is accident insurance? what does it cover you for? do you know any good companies??
    plz let me know...
  13. lakelady

    lakelady Registered Users (C)

    hi candy,
    When I first came to the US on a scholarship to attend a University here, there were a few things I was required to pay. One of those things was insurance for international students. The university offered it, but it was a little expensive, so I just went online and searched for other companies that offered similar coverage, I paid like $400 (maybe less) that was good for 2 semestrers. Accident insurance covers medical treatment in case you are involved in a car wreck, for example, I remember one of the requirements is that it covered transportation of a dead body back to the country of origin, morbid, yes, but lots of colleges require that. And if you ever purchased car insurance, there is an option to cover medical expenses too, which in that case will only cover expenses if you get injured in a car. Accident insurance will cover pretty much any accident, and aside from chronic diseases, the only possibility that you will spend thousands of dollars with medical treatment is in case you have an accident.
    My other college had a cheaper insurance, so I just paid that amount with my tuition.
    Hope that helps
  14. JohnnyCash

    JohnnyCash Volunteer Moderator

    None of above statements is true.

    First of all, nothing is EVER asked on a naturalization application about receiving walfare or govt. help. Not now and not even in the past when N-400 (Application for Naturalization) was totally different.

    However, being on walfare or having receiving any kind of govt. help is a deal breaker at the time of adjudication of I-485 (green card application). Because if someone has ever been on walfare or have received any govt. help or still receiving any govt. help, then USCIS would deny a green card application for that person under 'Public Charge' ground of denial. But this issue is completely mute and irrelevant at the time of naturalization. FYI, a person could still be naturalized despite of being on walfare or taking govt. help.

    Secondly, one doesn't need to wait 5 yrs after being LPR to be eligble for medicaid; rather one can apply for medicaid at anytime, even without being a LPR.

    Medicaid is a State sponsored program but federally financed. Each state has its own rules on this. Some states require applicants to be legal (LPR) like NY, while some states don't care about a legal status of an applicant like NJ. Medicaid is actually granted based upon person's income (or household income).
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  15. JohnnyCash

    JohnnyCash Volunteer Moderator

    After becoming a LPR, one can ask/get whatever govt. help is out there, depending upon its eligibility. INS has nothing to do with that, nor they will take any action. The ONLY time they will take action when other govt. agencies (benefits givers) would find out-[1] about I-864, [2] and they want to get reimburse for the service they offered. All this possibility is very hard because-other govt. agencies normally don't know about immigration laws (I-864) and they normally don't care about reimbursement on govt. benefits. However, they could do that if they REALLY like to. But I have never heard, not even one case, so far wherein govt. agencies went after sponsor(s) of I-864 to collect the money for the services they provided.

    Nevertheless, there are very limited govt. benefits are available for LPR after the changes made in immigration laws in 1997. Otherwise, before 1997 LPRs could obtain almost all the govt. benefits.

    There are still some benefits available for LPRs, but one needs to be a LPR at least 5 yrs before applying for those benefits.

    Also, keep it in mind that any kind of emergency help from govt. is excluded from any negative affect. Meaning, one will not be penalized for receiving emergency help from govt.

    For medical insurance, one should try to get it from his/her employers if s/he is working as employers pay very little premium as a group insurance. Otherwise, one should google or check online to get the best quote. An application for medicaid won't be if someone's household income is not below the minimum income criteria.

    It is very hard to get 'best priced' medical insurance for elderly people because medical insurance (especially medical and life insurance) is approved based upon the age and medical condition of the person. However, there are some medical insurance companies which cover elderly people with best quote. One has to check them out online. However, prescribed medicine could be lowered for elderly people as per govt. rules. One can check info on that one online as well. Google it up to get vast info on this subject. Also, there are so many chat forums wherein people talk about how to get cheap and best medical insurance for them and for their elderly parents. A must read.

    Accident insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, Visitor Medical Insurance, etc are DIFFERENT kinds of insurances than medical insurance.

    Hope this helps.
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  16. gc4parents

    gc4parents Registered Users (C)

    I don't think is correct.

    If we sign the I-864 sponsoring our parents, even though they are senior citizen with no, or little income, we are responsible for their medical expenses, they can't apply for any medical assistance. (Even for MEDICARE they don't qualify if they are not USC or have at least 40 units with S.S.A.)
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  17. ip_everywhere

    ip_everywhere Registered Users (C)

    Well I certainly can't question johnny's knowledge. But I wrote that for a fact. Atleast in Illinois, its a law that a LPR can't be eligible for medicaid, before 5 yrs of physical residence.
    I know a couple, where husband got Medicaid but wife didn't as , husband was a LPR for 5 yrs but wife wasn't. Wife was being told to ask her sponsor to pay for her medical insurance.
  18. JohnnyCash

    JohnnyCash Volunteer Moderator

    I've said VERY clearly in my earlier postings that each state has its own rules on Medicaid. And, I also went ahead in telling rules of NY and NJ on this legal status in context to Medicaid when I said that NY state does require an applicant to be legal before considering his/her application for Medicaid while NJ state doesn't care about legal status of a person.

    As for seeking Medicaid in IL, then it is true that a LPR cannot be found eligible for Medicaid in there if s/he is not a LPR for at least 5 yrs EXCEPT certain LPRs. They changed the law on this in 1996.


    However, a LPR can be eligible for EMERGENCY medical assistance from the IL state regardless of the length of his/her legal permanent residency.
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  19. JohnnyCash

    JohnnyCash Volunteer Moderator

    First, I didn't comment anything on MEDICARE; rather I commented on Medicaid.

    Secondly, it's true that one cannot qualify for Medicare if s/he is not a US citizen or have at least 40 quarters of earned credit.

    Thirdly, it's also true that sponsor (on I-864) would be fully responsible for any of the public assistances is ever sought out by 'sponsored-alien', regardless of how old such alien would be. That's I-864 form is for; otherwise there is no other purpose of this form.

    However, what I said in my earlier posting is that MOSTLY govt. agencies don't come after the sponsors for a reimbursement on the services they provide, but they can if they want to. I said it VERY clearly.
  20. gc4parents

    gc4parents Registered Users (C)

    I'm sorry, you misunderstood me.

    I've mentioned MEDICARE as an example, I know you didn't say anything about it in your post.

    About medicaid, my ex-husband parents are over 65 and they couldn't find any private insurance to buy medical and they were told they can't get MEDICAID, neither before they got their GC or after. And you said people can get Medicaid even before they get GC.

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