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First Name is FNU.. Please Help!!

Discussion in 'Issues Related to Obtaining Driver's License from ' started by soorajm, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. soorajm

    soorajm Registered Users (C)


    I'm in USA now..

    In my passport Given Name is blank and my complete name is in surname.

    In VISA also complete name is in Last Name and First Name is written as "FNU" - Stands for First Name Unknown.

    In I-94 First Name and Last Name are written seperately. I didnt have any problem in entering here. and I got MY SSN also with first name and last name seperately.

    But problem came when i tried for Driving License. DMV said they can't issue a driving license bcause of name mismatch in VISA, I-94 and SSN. They are asking for my original birth certificate. That I dont have.

    Please help me out what should I do to correct all these or to get license???

    Thanks a lot,
  2. tprasad

    tprasad Registered Users (C)

    suggestion needed

    hi friend,
    U can suggest me reg this as u r facing this type of problem,as i am planning to come USA in march 1st week..my issue is
    actually in my passport & educational documents
    my complete name is under given name,surname blank

    given name:ram prasad

    visa(H1B) which i got
    it is like this

    surname:ram prasad
    given name:FNU

    FNU-means first name Unknown ,
    i came to know thru IRS documentof USA(i.e naming conv followed by IRS is that if a person has single name then that name is placed in surname and first name as FNU which i got in visa)

    so pls let me know will there be any problem wt the port of entry ..if not how should i proceed in future after stepping into usfilling fN and Lname ...how should i refer with passport name/visa name for further paper work(I-94,ssno...) in US..so that i will not face problems..u r help will be kindly appriciated...thanks in advance..my id thprasad@yahoo.com

  3. dallas_buddy

    dallas_buddy Registered Users (C)

    did u guys ind the solution

    Please let me know if u found the solution for the FNU Problem as I encountered the same.
    Dallas Buddy
  4. soorajm

    soorajm Registered Users (C)


    I've noticed this only at DMV counter.. Before that I didnt notice this in my VISA.. I didnt have any problem at the port of entry. In my I-94 i've written first name and last name seperately and they didnt mind. I got SSN also.. no problem at all. only for driving license they are creating problem.

    So i hope u will not have any problem at port of entry.

    Any way, regarding filling I-94 u can ask some body who knows this. I-94 should be filled as per your petition document. (This reply I got from Port of Entry guys when I called them.. still u can verify with some body.)

    I guess, if u fill complete name in last name and leave first name blank in I-94 problem will be solved.

    One thing you can do.. Try to get your original birth certificate with your full name. certificate shud be in english. This will surely help u in getting license.

    My problem is still not solved. Will update if i get a solution..

    Hey all.. pls tell me if u have got any solution to this problem.
  5. dallas_buddy

    dallas_buddy Registered Users (C)

    Hi Prasad,
    There was not a problem for me while entering the US.I faced the problem while trying to get the Driving License.thats what I can say from my experience.

    Did u find some kind of solution for getting the drivers license?did u contact any immigration service?I have FNU in place of my First Name and my given name is placed in the last name.please let me know if u found something to convince for getting the driver's license.
    Thanks in advance...
    Dallas Buddy
  6. soorajm

    soorajm Registered Users (C)

    I cant see any solution..

    Today again I tried in different DMV.. Still no luck.
    This time they said, if i've original birth certificate in english with my name, marriage certificate or original petition document, i can get the license..

    I've copy of petition document, but it dont have my name.. its a blanket petition.. only company name is there.. So they rejected..

    Now only way I can see is to get marry and get a certificate..!!!
  7. dallas_buddy

    dallas_buddy Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the reply

    Thanks for your reply...hope u will find something...I am trying to contact INS serivice here and I think u also try to contact the Immigration Center(local to ur place ) and tell them the problem....I am also trying to do that...they may give some solution for this...let me know if u find someway
    take care
    ur buddy...
  8. soorajm

    soorajm Registered Users (C)


    How can I contact Immigration Center? Any website?

    Okay tell me if u get any positive reply.

  9. lovychhabra

    lovychhabra New Member

    Same problem here

    I am facing the same problem guys... "FNU" is my first name as per the H1 visa and the DMV is denying me the drivers license...

    Let me know if anyone of you has found any solution to this problem....

    BTW... which state are u guys located in?? i am in CT...

    Let me know if u find a solution, i am also going to the DMV tomorrow, hope to find a solution...

  10. dallas_buddy

    dallas_buddy Registered Users (C)

    try a different

    trying at a different driving license center will probably help you out as they may consider ur case....
  11. troubleshooter

    troubleshooter Registered Users (C)

    here is the soltution

    DMV will issue the DL based on ur petition. I am not sure about how to deal with blanket petition but I produced my original petition with full name( although passport has only firstname) and got DL with full name. so there should be proof from USCIS for your full name
  12. p_p_bush

    p_p_bush New Member

    Last name FNU

    Have been facing same issue recently. Came in to US in mid-Dec with First name and no last name. At INS they had added FNU in last name.
    SSN is also matching the names as in the INS.
    Recently DMV office denied to make change of address in the driving license. Reason for not issuing is that they have received direction (from whom?) to not issue driving license for persons with "FNU" last/first name.

    The current problem is solved after showing the SSN to them and also proof of the passport which also does not have last name.

    Steps recommended by layer.
    a) Change my name (include first and last name)
    b) Chnage name in SSA
    c) Change name in DMV

    One open question in my mind is how to take care of name change in the INS.

    Someone may clarify this for me ahead as I have already applied for name change in the Consulate recently.

    Hope to hear for some clarifications in this regard, also guide if the steps Iam following is correct.

  13. soorajm

    soorajm Registered Users (C)

    Got It Guys!!!

    Hey all my FNU friends....

    I Just got license today... that too without birth certificate...

    It happened like this...

    I was trying for license in different DMVs... last week went to a DMV near to my house.. there they dont have facility for written test, vision test etc..
    But they processed my application. The lady at the counter was nice enough and didnt mind my name problem in VISA.. she took photo and and signature.. then said, as i dont have a usa license, i've to take written test.. for that i need to go another DMV. And she issued a letter saying that..

    Today with that letter I went to main DMV. There they didnt do much verification of VISA and I94 and asked me to take written test.. I cleared that and got license. In NJ, we dont have to take road test, if we have a valid indian license.. so atlast got it.

    In between I've done one more thing.. I got birth certificate from Indian consulate New York. But didnt use that..!!

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 19, 2005
  14. cowboy22

    cowboy22 New Member

    I am also in the same state.How can I contact USCIS about these.Any help.
  15. fnusiva

    fnusiva New Member

    I am also going to face the same problem. I have applied for SSN, but they said they will give SSN like Mr. FNU xxxxx .

    My Passport detail
    Surname -
    Given Name - xxxxx.

    My H1 Stamping @ Chennai
    Last Name - xxxxx
    First Name - FNU.

    Please advice me how to correct my Passport in NYC, how to correct H1 stamping from US and how to change the SSN name after that.

  16. gaurav1075

    gaurav1075 Registered Users (C)

    no last name problem please help

    Hi friends,

    I have only first name "gaurav" in my passport as well as all my academic ceritificates. I am planning to get H1 in recent quota.
    I have already been in USA for 4 year thru L1 and already has ssn with name "gaurav".

    1.I guess if we dont have last name we face lot of problem like in getting driving licence , booking on line airticket etc . please let me know if the name can be changed in USA ?
    2. I am thinking of changing my name on my passport in india thru name change advertisement in newspaper and affidavit . Wd that help to apply H1 with first name last name ?? I talked to one of consultant and he told me that if I change my name just on passport then I might get problem during green card process and need to change the name on academic certificates as well . Please advise

    Please help me as I am thinking to resolve this issue once for all before I apply for new H1

    Last edited by a moderator: May 2, 2005
  17. surajeet

    surajeet New Member


    Hi Guys,

    Am YetAnotherFNUGuy.. i have not yet received my SSN bcoz of this FNU problem..as told to me by SSA authourities..they said its upto INS to provide SSN
    can u guys tell me how much time it took to get your SSN ?


    FNUKIMAAKA New Member

    I managed .......

    The DMV drones at Dallas caught me with this FNU problem.
    But I got it in Portland Oregon without any problem.
    They just saw my name on the front page of the passport and issued the DL.
    They never went to the Visa page.

    I am taking a big sigh of relief........
  19. fnusiva

    fnusiva New Member

    Delay in SSN

    Hi Surajeet,
    I am also waiting for SSN, I have applied on April 13th, 4 weeks are over,.. Still SSN has not come for me. I have enquired with SSN office, they said after 10 weeks only they should be able to tell the status. In the same SSN office in NJ, the persons who applied after me got the SSN and have received within 2 weeks time. Now I have to start my work without SSN.

    I just want to know when you have applied for SSN in which state and how long you are waiting??

  20. mailkrishna_23

    mailkrishna_23 New Member

    Name format in SSN, if Given name is FNU

    Hai peopole.... add me to the list of FNU's over here....
    me too facing the same problem.
    Please let me know what is the forat of the name given by you when applying for SSN.
    Have you given it as in passport(i.e only given name without last name) or as in VISA page(i.e FNU for given name and your name under last name???)

    I had gone to the SSN office for applying for a SSN, the officer over there told me that she has to match the details as in VISA i.e "FNU for given name and my name as last name".
    Please`let me know if i will be facing any problem in the future with this???
    Importantly let me know the format of the name while applying for SSN???

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