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AP Status update on ceac.state.gov/ceac ?????????????????

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by gabam, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    Hi friends,
    I had my interview a week ago, and was put under AP. The AP sheet says that I should check my status at ceac.state.gov/ceac. On that webpage, my case creation date is 15 October, 2011. The first status update took place on the day of my interview. After that, there has been two more status updates, the latest being March 13. Does anyone know what that status update mean? Does it mean that they are progressing with my case gradually. Those status updates could be good news, don't you think so?

    Looking forward to your replies!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. AwesomeGreg

    AwesomeGreg Registered Users (C)

    Weren't you the one always calling KCC? Can't they give you an answer regarding this?
  3. Lazder

    Lazder Registered Users (C)

    ahah, gabam is well known for his early case number releases.
  4. Djack

    Djack Registered Users (C)

    AwesomeGreg, this is not fair.
  5. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    Come on people, we are done with KCC now. They don't have anything to do with our case after they forward it to the concerned embassy.
  6. AwesomeGreg

    AwesomeGreg Registered Users (C)

    Sorry I didn't mean to sound rude :) I was just curious.

    gabam, what was the reason they put you under AP in the first place? I remember you saying they gave you a blue sheet. Do you happen to know the actual reason?

    I hope it works out for you. I can tell you truly want the green card.
  7. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    Bro, they put all of my country-mates under AP, so it is nothing new, I was expecting it, and I was damn sure that they would put me under AP. And yes, you are right, I desperately want the visa!!!!!
  8. AwesomeGreg

    AwesomeGreg Registered Users (C)

    I didn't know they could do that. If they didn't like one country, they would exclude it from the accepted countries list, won't they? What asian country is that bro?

    I don't see any reason they wouldn't grant you a visa so long as you're healthy, and will not become a public charge in the US.

    And I know how tough it is to sit and wait. AP and high case number people are really going through quite a nightmare.
  9. Ash 2013

    Ash 2013 Registered Users (C)

    Greg, stop diverting people. Gabams calling was helpful to all of us moreso at his expense. What has Gabams calling Kcc got to do with his question?
  10. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    It doesn't have anything to do with my health, or becoming public charge. My medical report was normal, and they didn't ask me a single question regarding my financial status, and whether I would survive in US or not. I can't complain, because everybody is put under AP in this country. So, I have to be patient. My background and record is crystal clear, and absolutely clean by the grace of God. But it is that wait that kills a person.
  11. Matap

    Matap Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Gabam for opening this thread. I sympathize with your case.

    I am also on AP, which I happen to know a week after my interview. The day of my interview, everything went fine and the lady said I approve your case and handed me (the main applicant) a white sheet which says "Welcome to USA" and said that we will receive our passport within a week.

    The thing is when I went to check my status after a week from my interview, my case read "Issued" but the text below says: "Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing..." This text mostly showed when a case status is "Administrative Processing".
    My wife and children cases say "Ready" which means: "Your case is ready for you to schedule an interview at the U.S. Consulate General..." although we all attended the interview the same day.

    I know that waiting is key in this process but I don't understand what is going on.
  12. ladylady

    ladylady Registered Users (C)

    Matap, this is my case (I already wrote about it):
    I had my interview 2 weeks ago with my husband and everything went well, they said we got our visas and come pick them tomorrow. When we came, they told us that they can't issue a visa for my husband today, because there is someone who has the same name as my husband, and they have to do their check again. The man told us not to worry, and that they will call us. He could not say exact time, because it takes several weeks or even several months! I did't know anything about AP, until I did my google research. I even didn't know that there is a possibility for something like that, never heard before. I called embassy yesterday and they told me there's no news yet. I've asked them is there a possibility not to issue him a visa, he said, hypothetically, there is, if they not finish his case until september.
    Now, I am checking status 100 times a day.
  13. Jimma Boy

    Jimma Boy Registered Users (C)

    case creation date mean the day you registered online in this dv program, and case status update is good news, this last update happen every time they open your case for example if you send them an email inquiring about your case and if they check your case in system and reply you the email the case status update will change to that date they replied, otherwise any update mean that they are working on your case. or at least they have checked your status that day.

    good luck my friend
    be patient and everything will be fine.
  14. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    Thanks bro! I haven't sent them any emails yet, yet there have been two status updates for me. The first status update was on the day of the interview, second status update on the day after the interview, and the third and last status update was on 13th of March. So, I think it is good news like you said, they may be working on my case. So, let's hope for the best. By the way, how many status updates have you had, what is the date of the latest status update for you???????
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 16, 2013
  15. Matap

    Matap Registered Users (C)

    Well, the only thing we can do is just wait as we have been doing since we entered this DV lottery.
    God willing, all will be OK.
  16. Jimma Boy

    Jimma Boy Registered Users (C)

    Thats good, hope it will complete within month at maximum, because i know how depress is this waiting time specially when you don't have any idea or approximate time to finish however, in the end you will get it and you will forget all this things once you contacted to submit passport or pick up visa so keep praying and be patient. For my case there was so many updates but most of it because of my inquiry emails. I remember about 5 times updated without my inquiry.
    The latest one is on March 14,2013 after i sent them my passport via postal service and now it says that my visa has been printed and the title is " issued" instead of Administrative processing.
  17. sujath2012

    sujath2012 Registered Users (C)

    Congratz Jimma boy,
    Dear friend Jimma boy, I had faced interveiw with my fiance on January 29th, there was no any missing documents then unfortunately the consular officer put my case in to the Administrative process. I used to check my visa status more than 100 times per day and unfortunately always display the window like below....

    "Your search has returned multiple results. Please select the Case Number to display the status

    Case Number Status
    2013AS3*** 01 CLM Administrative Processing
    2013AS3*** 02 CLM Ready"

    There are two case numbers displays such as one for Administrative process and one for ready! What is this means multiple results?
    another query, according to my country policy the police clearance certificate will expired 6 month later and my Police clearance certificate will expired on last of April. so my dear friends, i would like to know by you, once if i will get the visa after month April will i need to get a new police clearance certificate?

    I have highly appreciated your usefull reply

    KM Sujath
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 16, 2013
  18. Jimma Boy

    Jimma Boy Registered Users (C)

    your case means that the principal applicant is still pending administrative processing and the second one is ready to issue however, its depend on principal so it is waiting for the principal to be complete then it will be issued together as I understand.
    regarding Police clearance, i have no idea its better to contact the embassy directly for that question.
    but for my case both Police clearance and Medical report are valid for 12 months (1 year).
  19. aboal5old

    aboal5old Registered Users (C)

    thank you dear gabam for discussing such important issue and thank U again our friend Jimma boy for ur reply;
    actually I have been under AP since 18th October & I knw exactly hw it feels 2 keep waiting, and I had my case updated for the 1st time on the CEAC website on 4th Febreuary & updated abt 3 times since that date with the latest update on 21st March ... So I need 2 knw what is the maximum number of updates before you have ur visa issued ??!!!
    Thank U ....
  20. aboal5old

    aboal5old Registered Users (C)

    actually dear gabam I had my interview in Egypt & the consular officer was very nice to me he didn't even ask me too many questions, & he told me that all my papers are complete & that my case just requires further AP & he handled me a white paper saying "AP" and he eventually gave me back all my original papers & kept copies.

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