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All Ethiopian 2017 DV Winners Meet Here!

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by dagi magna, May 4, 2016.

  1. dagi magna

    dagi magna New Member

    congratulations to all DV 2017 Ethiopian winners !!!
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  2. tem-et

    tem-et New Member

    anything new?
  3. tem-et

    tem-et New Member

    Ethiopian winner?
  4. dagi magna

    dagi magna New Member

    For starter let's see some of the terms
    most often used in DV processing.
    1) Visa Bulletin (VB)
    Visa Bulletin is a publication
    regardingimmigration to the United
    States published by the United States
    Department of State. The primary
    purpose of this bulletin is to provide
    an updated waiting list (also known
    as Priority Date) for immigrants that
    are subject to the quota system.The
    content of the bulletin is available on
    the web addresshttp://
    2) Current
    We say current when visa numbers
    are available for a specific qualified
    applicant. Visa numbers are
    available only for applicants whose
    priority date is earlier thanthe cut-
    off date listed in the tables
    3) 1st NL and 2nd NL
    First NL (1st NL) is the First
    Notification Letter that you received
    explaining that you are a winner.
    While the Second NL (2nd NL) is the
    Second Notification Letter that the
    Kentucky Consular Center send to
    your email describing your date, time
    and place of interview.
    4) C.O
    Is the Consular Officer who will
    conduct your interview in the
    embassy when you go for the
    5) P.O.E
    Is the Port of Entry. It is the first
    entry point where you enter the
    United States of America after your
    entry is approved by the US
    Immigration officers.
    Source: Ormania ethiopian dv 2015 winner
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  5. ZeaDRocKET

    ZeaDRocKET Member

    it looks like i am the second one here!!Its good thing that we have a 2017 page!! i just landed here after reading the 2015 & 2016 forums.hope to learn alot from this pag.
  6. mesfin

    mesfin New Member

    i am also one of the winner !
  7. begizew

    begizew New Member

    Hi Every one, I have been randomly selected for the DV 2017 program and I am filling the form DS 260. I have got couple of questions here.

    1) I have lost my 10th certificate and it will take me long to apply and get it from the National Organizations for Examinations. Does any one has information If I can fill the Ds 260 form and submit with out including my 10th certificate and make it available to the embassy later if I am selected for interview.
    2) for the 12th certificate which one should be included in the field, "The institution attended", the Ministry of education (MOE) or the name of the preparatory school I attended?

    Thank you!
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
  8. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    You are supposed to provide ALL information pertaining to HS, not just the last two years. You're not submitting any document with the DS-260 form, so there's no reason to not include information related to the 10th year certificate.
  9. dagi magna

    dagi magna New Member

    1. within half days you can get grade 10 replacement certificate from MOE 2.The name of the
    preparatory school you attended
  10. begizew

    begizew New Member

    Thank you Dagi for your explanation! I currently live abroad for MSc study and I can't do it by now.
    I am now thinking to delegate my brother and get the replacement of 10th grade certificate. My fear was it would take long time. Thank you again.
  11. begizew

    begizew New Member

    Dear Sm1smom, thank you for your explanation.
  12. salasebew

    salasebew New Member

    i am also one of z winner of DV 2017 and now am filling the DS-260 form. i have some question about z education certificate. i have both BA & Masters degree from two different institution. my question is that both my education certificates are "Temporary Degrees", which is given when u just graduate from university, not the original ones. so, is that enough? i.e "temporary Degree" or i have to bring the original one, it may take time,or is it possible to send by z institution themselves through post to USA embassy Addis Ababa.

    Many tanks .
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  13. dougkaich

    dougkaich Member

    hi.... how many selectees are there in 2017?
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  14. lucky person

    lucky person Member

    if possible try to take the original educational certificate b/c you may need them in latter time others ways donot worry it may not be an issue but needs authentication from the university as well as foreign affairs by the ways you may have time to change if your case number is may not be current in October ,November[
  15. salasebew

    salasebew New Member

    foreign affairs???... u mean i will have to go to foreign affairs to get authentication?....... my case no. 2017AF000335xx
  16. mesfin

    mesfin New Member

    Dear all,
    I need some information about:
    1.when will be my interview ? cn AF32*** ,I have submitted DS -260from
    2.is it required to have high school transcript during interview time ? I think I lost it, but I have 12th grade ESLCE (old curriculum)certificate , university degrees certificates and transcripts . it is hard for me to get a replacement of the high school transcript because I am out of the country.
  17. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the education documents you have are fine.

    Your number is current for June, you should have received an interview notification already. You left out when you submitted the DS260, was it late? This may have delayed it. Have you checked the website for an update?
  18. mesfin

    mesfin New Member

    Thank you for your response
    i am 2017 winner
  19. luel

    luel New Member

    hello guys , I have been randomly selected for the DV 2017 program and I am starting to filling the form DS 260. and i need you to help for the following question.
    1. I LOST access for the email that i used initially when entering the Dv form, can i use new email in my DS 260 FORM.
    2.I AM first year HAWASSA university student & I am from ADDIS SO SHOULD I USE my Addis address as my present address or what
    3.when my confirmation page come it display an address and p.o.box of Hawassa that i initially used (of the internet cafe there). can i use new in my Ds 260 form
    4.in the question of highest education level i answered by saying some university level course should i have to bring letter from the university that i take some courses or just need my 12 grade national exam result during my interview later.
    5.i am still learning in Hawssa which address should i use as present address my Addis or haswssa(don't have any private address here just the university address)
  20. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    1. Yes you can use a new email address
    2. Use your home address in Addis
    3. Yes, same as 2 above
    4. Your HS diploma should be fine, however it's not a bad idea to also bring evidence of your current schooling activity
    5. Same as 2 above

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