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221g Administrative processing tracker

Discussion in 'H Visa Issues at the Consulates and Visa Revalidat' started by sreenath78, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    Hi All,
    I wanted this thread to be a tracker for all who have been held up on 221g admin processing bug. I guess we can post our experiences and suggestions to help each other out

    My Self
    Attended Delhi consulate on 16th and 20th of Aug 2004.
    Reason for hold -- query on my company
    Still waiting on their reply on my petition.

    I am told that admin processing includes name check and clearance .

    I have been calling up the Delhi Consulate, Dept of State in D.C., and also FBI Name Check dept to find out the status on my file.

  2. akahmed

    akahmed Registered Users (C)

    8th week into administrative processing

    I applied for revalidation at the Islamabad embassy on the 6th of Dec. Its been a little over 8 weeks now.

    Did you have any luck gettting status info from Dept of State or FBI? The embassy here just says that the application is under administrative processing and they don't know how long it will take.

  3. vik3001

    vik3001 Banned



    what is the number you called for Dept of State in D.C., and also FBI Name Check dept.

    thank a lot!
  4. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    Contact for FBI and DoS

    Lemme know if you guys get any luck with these numbers. I left messages with Rene Morton but for the DoS no. could not get track of their automated messages.

    FBI Name Check Unit Chief (Immigration & State Dept. Services)
    Unit Chief : Rene Morton
    Tel : 1-202-324-1492
    Fax : 1-202-324-9890

    Here are the nos.
    State Dept Number : 1-202-663-1225
    Fax (202) 663-3899

  5. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    Another source

    This is the message that i found online who actually send delayed visa case to uscis. Just a blind shot dont know if it works.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Silva, Mariza [mailto:MSilva@nas.edu]
    Sent: Tue 7/13/2004 4:52 PM
    To: VISAS
    Subject: Visa Case Reported to DOS July 13

    Thank you for completing our Visa Questionnaire. Your case has been
    added to our database and it will help us to better understand the
    problems that scientists are facing with the visa process.

    Since you have been waiting for your visa for more than 30 days, we
    reported your case to the Department of State on JULY 13. We will
    contact you only if we receive any information about your application.
    Your case will remain in our database until you receive your visa. Due
    to the large volume of emails we are receiving, we can not respond to
    each email individually.


    Send email only to this address: visas@nas.edu. All emails should
    include the name of the visa applicant in the subject line.

    VISA GRANTED (you have received your visa)
    If your visa has been granted since you last contacted us, send an email
    to visas@nas.edu. In the subject line only, include the full name of the
    visa applicant, date of birth, the words "Visa Granted" and the date
    that it was granted. Our database will be updated and your name will be
    removed from our list of pending cases.

    Example: John Smith, DOB 05/05/1965, Visa Granted 01/23/2004

    VISA PENDING (you are still waiting for your visa)
    If you are still waiting for your visa, send an email to visas@nas.edu.
    In the subject line only, include the full name of the visa applicant,
    date of birth, and the words "Visa Pending". If your case is still
    pending, we will report your case to the Department of State. Please do
    not include anything in the body of the message unless you have
    something significant to report. We have many cases still pending in our
    database. The more time spent reading email messages, the longer it will
    take to inquire about your case.

    Example: John Smith, DOB 05/05/1965, Visa Pending

    Thank you.

    International Visitors Office
    The National Academies
    500 Fifth Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20001 USA
    Fax: 1-202-334-2231
    Email: visas@nas.edu
  6. vik3001

    vik3001 Banned


    thanks sreenath,

    im not waiting for admin processing only fingerprinting.

    do you have a specific number i could call?
  7. anismo

    anismo Registered Users (C)

    Applied H1B reval on Dec 14th, chennai consulate, took FPs with 85$ fee, No response from consulate (Have been in the US since last 5 yrs on F1 and then H1).
  8. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    Finger print number

    This might be an old number but might be helpful.


    Try out. Why are you waiting on Finger prints. Could you explain your case?

  9. vik3001

    vik3001 Banned


    spoke to the consul in mumbai today, they say most FPs come around 3 working weeks. i hope i get some good news friday.

    from what i understand, there r diff levels of clearances, which take diff times. my friend in october last yr, was waiting on FP and got the results in 6 weeks.
    name checks and other background check clearances take longer.

    jus my two cents,
  10. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    Just to check.....

    Just to check on updates from every one here.... has any one actually heard of some one getting into 221g admin processing and getting out of it successfully... I have been searching on the web and on all other immigration web sites but all I could find is some who got into this but no posts of them getting out of it..... does anyone know of anyone who has gone thru this....

    Not trying to be pessimistic..... Just wanna confirm on where the whole process stands...

  11. vik3001

    vik3001 Banned


    ok jus an update for those waiting on FP

    i called the fbi and dos numbers and spoke to cust service

    my FP got processed on 01/28 and DOS sent a response to NVC on 02/01

    hope the NVC sends a response to the US consul quickly. cannot get through to the NVC.

    u guys have had any luck?
  12. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    File still in New Delhi

    I am told by DOS that my file is still in New Delhi.

    Any whose file has been in Indian US consulate for 6 months.

  13. vik3001

    vik3001 Banned


    sreenath, was ur file ever sent?
  14. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    I am contacting the name check dividion to check to see if they recieved any request for query...
  15. vik3001

    vik3001 Banned


    jus an update i got now...my friend in mumbai consulate was FPed with me on 1/4, got an email from the consul today to re-appear. his clearance came today
  16. vik3001

    vik3001 Banned


    guyz, jus got an email from the US consul in mumbai, got my clearance.

    i pray that all of you also get them soon.

  17. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    Does anyone has a number for fingerprint department.... The number I have is not working....

  18. jags_kum

    jags_kum Registered Users (C)

    304-625-2000. Ask for the Records division and also say you are regarding visa purposes.
  19. sreenath78

    sreenath78 Registered Users (C)

    mail from delhi cons

    After nearly seven months of wait and then assured that my file is on express track.... when I call them up today they said that it would take some more time as the check is not complete. The following is the mail they sent out.

    "Your case is under administrative review. It will take some time to
    complete this as the issues under investigation are in the United
    States. "
  20. alish

    alish New Member

    hello everybody

    i was going to post yesterday our sad story about 'administrative processing' - but today i have a diff story.

    chennai embassy for H1 transfer & H4 - oct 26th - recd all documents - told to wait - came back - gave us a letter stating our visa will take 45 days due to admin. processing - no qustions asked. waited till dec to email - reply was - under review - emailed after the holidays - no reply. called end of jan - after some 10 calls lady said we our clearance has come and we need more dds - told her we had given all dds - took 2 days to locate dds - found dds - told us we will get ppts in a week - called and emailed all thro feb. 18th of fed we recd email from SAO (security advisory office) asking for new applcn, photos and dds for 2200rs as the visa issuance fee has changed (dollar fell)
    we sent everything they asked and waited - called over and over again and emailed - no reply to email. finally the lady at customer service asked us to callback today - we did and they informed us that our ppts have been sent (hopefully with the visa) TTS confirmed that they have it and we will get it in a day or two. it took 4 months and 2 weeks for us............it was torture waiting ..............

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