Which Route to chose after 1 rejection ?


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I was in the US for last 5 years (2 yr MS 3 yr work) and went back in June by myself as I overstayed (not un lawful presence) on my student visa. To get another student visa, I came back to India, applied for a Phd (as I did masters) and got rejected a week back as I applied to a day1 CPT university (which allows me to work full time) they gave me a 221g and then 214B.

After one rejection what is the safest route for me to get a visa again out of these 3 options?

1: My fiancé f1 visa is approved, can I marry and apply for an F2?
2: Can I apply for a decent university-get the visa- then transfer to a day 1 cpt college(so I can work as well)?
3: H1 is also an option but that is more than an year from now.

Any other suggestions would also be helpful.


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Unfortunately with an overstay on your record you are unlikely to get another non-immigrant visa.