Undocumented - Applying to College/Grad/Professional Schools


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Hi all,

I've stumbled upon this site while browsing for news about the recently reintroduced Dream Act. Let's hope it works this time, although I am worried because I came here a few months after my sixteenth birthday.

Does anyone have any success stories of getting in, paying for, successfully graduating from law or med school, and somehow miraculously adjusting status through other means than marriage?

I got into two decent law schools for this fall, and I am not going! That's right. One of them offered a half scholarship and I still cannot pay for the other half! I mean, I'd have to pay 20 grand a year, and I'm not even sure that I will be able to practice? How would I sit for the Bar Exam without a SSN?

I feel I'm stuck and getting more and more depressed each day. Can't help but get these suicidal thoughts a lot, so for all of you whose postings sound similar, "I feel your pain". Let's hope something will happen soon and we will get through this.

If anyone is attending grad/law/med school, without a SSN, please let us know of your experience, is it possible to practice eventually and how?