This is what I do when I have delay issues registering an Employer Account for PERM

Delay issues are problems that recently are becoming more frequent when registering an Employer Account in order to submit a PERM application. Even though the Electronic Program is supposed to be quick and in some instances it resolves immediately in some other cases Employer Accounts are experiencing delay issues.

The bigger issue with this delay processing some Account Registrations is that; sometimes a denial of registration for not responding the Business Verification will arrive BEFORE the delayed Business Verification request arrives.

What I would do (without providing legal advice) is, if I waited for two weeks and have not received an answer, I will send the DOL an email where I request to expedite the registration and include proof of business entity, proof of location, and proof of FEIN.

I hope my post is of good use to you.

Enrique Ferrer Benites