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I was born in Canada but moved to United States at six months old in 1970.
I was a green card holder until 2013 when I became naturalized as a US citizen.
my wife recently passed and I cannot find the records of my citizenship.
At the same time my drivers license expired and upon trying to renew it I was unable to provide proof of US citizenship.
so now here I am living in United States since 1970, and I have no form of ID.
this literally cost me my home in that upon closing I wasn’t able to provide any sort of ID, and all my home is going in a foreclosure. Meaning I cannot sell my home due to lack of a drivers license which is only expired a few months.
I am being told the process to replace my naturalization certificate is 5 to 8 months here is my concern the reason I wanted to sell my home is because I’m moving to India I need a naturalization certificate to get a passport however I have no idea where I will be living in 5 to 8 months so I have no idea where to ask them to send the lost naturalization certificate.
My biggest concern at all is that there is absolutely no communication with immigration services whether you found them or walk into their office it is literally I repeat literally impossible to talk to a single person there.
any and all suggestions I am welcome please I simply want to move to India but at this point I don’t even have a drivers license and I am someone who has lived here legally since 1970 and has been a citizen since 2013.


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I know this post is a month old but if you ever had a US passport, then you can ask DOS to do a record search and get another one. You can always do a FOIA of your immigration record, I believe it is free - they send you a copy of all documents you ever filed including proof of your naturalization. If you actually naturalized then there is a record of it somewhere. However if you derived citizenship as a minor based on your parents and you never held a passport or certificate of citizenship, then it becomes a problem especially if your parents are deceased. I mean in your case you only naturalized 9 years ago, so there should be digitized records for sure.