Starting a business


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I trust this message finds you in good health. I am presently situated in the United States under the sponsorship of my employer, X, on an O1A visa. I have been contemplating the prospect of initiating my own business and am keen to explore the essential measures required to ensure that my entrepreneurial endeavor aligns with visa regulations while upholding my legal status.

I kindly request your guidance on the following areas:

  1. Preserving my Visa Status: How can I structure my new company or business activities to remain compliant with my current O1A visa requirements? To what extent am I permitted to actively engage in the company without contravening my visa stipulations?
  2. Work Authorization for My Company: What are the necessary steps to secure work authorization for my startup, allowing it to legally employ me and potentially hire other individuals?
  3. Business Structure: Are there particular business structures (e.g., LLC, Corporation) that offer advantages or align more favorably with my circumstances?