Seriously - Please read this thread only if you are Legal and affected by Name check


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I have been stuck in Namecheck for 2 years. Can we all get together and send them a Baseball cap/hat that reads "Legal but Name check pending" or something that is funny not offensive but that will get everyones attention. May be they may be donating that to some hospital / mental instituations - but who cares as long as our message gets attention

Guys I thought initially the flower thing arranged by a guy for the July Visa fiasco was a Joke. See now, that was the guy who made the visa bulletion to be restored.

Please let me know guys - It will be 5$ each - Let us setup some paypal account or let us call in one organizer outside of this group and get organized and send Sept 3rd the Labor day which can get most people attentions.

If it comes in atleast 3-4 major news papers and channels , guys they would get this system fixed.

Please support. Please suggest. I am ready.


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Baseball Cap Idea

Also does anyone know the contact information for the guy who organized the flower banquet for the Visa issue?

I would like to ask him on what is the best way to organize like collecting the money and sending items to USCIS and FBI in bulk.