Questions about I 485


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Hello everyone!
I'm confused with the part of I485 about 1 year of the presence in the US after granting asylum:
if I was out of country for 20 days after getting my asylum, do I need to file I 485 at least 20 days later than exact 1 year period?Do I need to add copies of my RTD or any letter about how long I was out of the country?
what I94 number will I put?the one which I got with the letter of asylum granted?or the one from the last trip with the POE and day of the last trip?

One more question: do I need to send my I485 and my kid's(derivative) application in the same envelope?

Thank you all in advance.
From my understanding, you will need to way for at least 20 days and yes, you're better off adding the copies of your RTD or some proof that showed how long you were out of this country.

For I-94, use the latest.
In I-485 instruction said "You may apply to adjust status after you have been granted asylum in the United States if you have been physically present in the United States for one year after the grant of asylum, provided you still qualify as an asylee or as the spouse or child of a refugee.". Sorry but I dont see any where that it stated that is HAS to be continuously present for one year. About I-94 I would think the one that you got with the letter of asylum granted, bcs it is stamped there according to which section you were granted asylum.
yes, it is physical presence! so u need to be in the us exactly 365 days, before u apply. that is what physical presence means.
What do you mean "continuous"?do I need to start over with counting 365days after my trip????I did not see anywhere this word.
kaya14, you need to have been present in the United States for a TOTAL of 365 days prior to your application. In other words, if, after your approval of Asylum case, you went to Germany for 14 days, returned back and went to Mexico for 10 days, you need to wait for 24 additional days from the date that your case was approved.