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Does anyone have any experience with LUD after phone calls to VSC. I made a phone call through 1800 number on June 16th, and talked to a lady from VSC. She said nothing has changed on my case including my name check, which was issued in Dec 2004.
But she asked me to check back in a couple of weeks. Today I noticed a LUD on June 17th. So is it due to the phone call or they will act on my case? Anyone?

I am one of the unlucky ones,
July 2003, I filed my I485/140.(Yes, it is 2003.) EB1-OR
Oct 15th, 2003, FP done
Oct 20th,2003 Finger print result was received.
Dec 2004 I140 is approved, No LUD prior to approval.
Dec 14th,2004 LUD change, no message change, but later on we found out that was due to name check
Feb 2005, Started an inquiry, did not have any LUD
March 2005, Received the letter answering the inquiry. Asked to wait.
June 2005, LUD change with no message change.


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I've called VSC twice and had an LUD after one, but no change or progress of any kind. they told me they write notes about the call. It simply might be the database record being updated. no big deal.


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What number shoud call for a case status?


I call the 1800 number posted on the case status web site. But I was told I am not able to make an inqury since I am a beneficiary not an applicant.

I was told from other source that my case is pending for security clearance process. Is it the same as name check? Any info is very appreciated.

RD 03-13-2004
ND 03-19-2004
LUD 12-20-2004


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To xuepingru

Yes, name check and security check is the same. By the way do you work in the pharmceutical field?


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The LUD turned out to be approval. Just got the approval letter, even the on-line message has not been changed. Yehhhhhhhhhhhh.
Hang in there, guys, your turn will come. I know you've all seen this so many times. But it is true, one day it will come, even it should be this way.
Many thanks to this website.


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Where did you got the VSC's phone number from ? I really need to contact them as my case is messed up, They transferred my case from TSC to VSC although I am still working for the same company. If you can give me the VSC contact number it will a huge help for me. Thanks.


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You can do some search on this site and here is what I found and did. The main thing is to choose the option that is you submit several applications together and they are sperated. After you choose this option, you will get a VSC officer.

Good Luck


Please call the 1-800-375-5283 NSC and follow the below steps. Here is the sequence of steps i followed to get to this:

Press 1 (for english),
press 2 (for existing case),
press 6 (for case statues etc),
then press 1( for knowing your receipt no.),
enter the receipt # to get the automated response saying blah blah blah and also at the end saying this is the most upto date information on your case and our customer the same info national customer service agents have (i totally agree with this).
Then choose to continue to the next step "press 3" . choose 3
Listen to the options-
Option 4 "if you feel if you submitted together and one of the applications is left out and not processed (don't remmember the exact message text ..but something about companion case "

You get transferred to VSC after choosing option 4.

If you call after VSC operating hours you will be asked to call the National Service center with this message
""there are no immigration officers at this service center at this time, please call the USCIS national customer service center".


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I could get to the representative in TSC because my case number starts with SRC, I am not sure how get hold of VSC becuase at TSC the lady says she can not help me because my case is transferred to VSC. The funny thing is that I am still working for same company residing in TSC jurisdiction but still my case is moved to VSC. I had PF on 06/08/2005 and I see LUD change on 07/25/2005 but the message still old one.. I have got too many question but seems like non can be answered. Thanks for your help....


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Sorry for the ignorance, can someone tell me what is LUD? How does it get updated?

My I-485 is in process and I got a RFE in Jun and was replied last week. I did not get any letter for Bio, should I contact service center?



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LUB stands for last udpate date. You need to register at and list the receipt number of the type of application you would like them to e-mail you an update for.
After you register, you can always look up the status of your app by simply logging in. It will show you the LUD.