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Hi every one, and how are you all? I have been visiting this fourm from the last few days, and finally decided that I want to sign up for it, so this is my first qustion here I hope to hear from you guys asap.
here is my qustion
I applied for my AOS 1-485 Based on asylum more then one year ago, On 03/09, I did reacived the notice for that the reacived my case and they cash the check out too. Then Nothing for about 2 months, I called the USCIS asking about my Biometric, they would say its coming its coming so finally I got my Biometric on 08/27/09 and its due on the 09/15/09. Here is my qustion since I have sent my application the online status saying from that day till now that case reacived and pending, just wanted to know after you reacive your biometric should it not change and say like biometric app sent or somthing.Other qustion is I have sent everything with the fourm the medical exam, two photo, G somthing forum i cant remember now, 1-485, and the cheacks and the copy of my I-94. the only thing I have not sent is my one year proof of residence here in the US, which i did not know I have to send it, but so far they have not asked anything about it.
So my qustion is The biometric is code 3, how long after that do I have to wait?
2 Why is my status not changing?
Pls help thank you so much in advance


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Relax my friend. With code 3 you are in good shape.
Question 1 Answer. You can wait for 30 to 60 days depending on the service center.

2. Your pending status will not change untill your application is approved. The time it will change that will mean approval.

Note that as an asylee you dont really need to prove your one year continuous stay. But for refugees, it is a must.