E2 visa


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My background is as following,
I am born Indian and then got Canadian citizen; I am doing business in Canada; I came to know about E2 visa, which allows to open business / investment in USA. If I have to move USA and invest & do business - and I need some understanding for that, any suggestion would be helpful.

I am a business owner and import goods from India - and sell local in Canada. I do have 2 helpers in store to manage store. I am not sure, how E2 visa if can help me to start business in USA. I am not actually purchasing local products to sell; and if I am not wrong it would be kind of trading, that buying goods from outside Canada & selling in Canada; and since I have experience in my field, and if I have to start my business and move with my family; does such business qualifies for E2 visa?

I would need 2 or 3 helpers in my store; so local job creation would be there; but my main confusion is that I would not be investing in USA as I buy products from outside, so my investment for inventory may not count in my investment even if I invest in inventory to match E2 requirement ?

any suggestion or remarks would be appreciated.

It looks like you're looking to trade instead of invest? Check out E-1 visa, and see if that is closer to what you'd like to do?