DC Resident (Placed in the oath scheduling que) QUESTION


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Hello Forum,

After passing my interview at the Fairfax office, I was requested to send some documents proving my DC residency. I sent them last month, now I got an email and update online saying that "My application has been placed on the oath scheduling que".

Now, my question is: Would I receive another update online, saying that they mailed me an oath ceremony appointment? or would I just receive something in the mail with no update?

Also, how long after you receive this update, would I receive my oath ceremony appointment?



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You may receive another email update in about 2-3 weeks saying that your oath letter is on the way. DC naturalization ceremonies are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and it seems the notification letter arrives in the mail about a month earlier. So my guess is, you will get the letter by mid-October for a ceremony on the 2nd Tuesday of Nov. This is based on my own experience.


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You may or may not get an email update. For a lot of people, the email updates stop at the interview. Just wait for a snail mail in a few weeks (could be days).


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Getting an email update is not a surety. You may get a notification with the date for the oath through ordinary mail.