Change in marital status reporting


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I had been a US permanent resident since 1983 but have lost that status (I think) as I moved to Germany in 2013 when I retired and have not been back in the US sine 2015. I have been receiving SS retirement payments ever since 2013.

When I moved to Germany I was married to a German citizen (we married in Florida in 2010). We divorced in 2016.

I married again on Dec 18, 2018 to a Serbian citizen and we now live together in Germany.

I believe I need to report changes to my marital status to SSA. How do I do it?

Thank you.
Hi There, my accountant suggeted to not claim one of my 2 children as independant because he is 18 years old. is that effect the scholarships for our daughter? and is it will change the Adjusted gross income and household from 4 people to 3 if we didn't claim him idependance? any experiance? Thanks you