Anyone with RD in Sept left out there ?


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What else have we got beyond faith, anyway ? So, try to keep it up !!
I still think there are a lot of people left from 2001 Sept RD. Please don't correct me if I am wrong!!:(


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You are not alone.

My details are as follow:
RD Sep 14, 2001
ND Nov 9, 2001
FP Feb 27, 2002
EAD valid till June 6, 2003
Applied new EAD Feb 18, 2003
Currently I am looking for new job but started my own company last month and working full time on my own company. Registered under my wife name. God forbid if RFE issued I am going to give paystub under my own company. Any suggestion will be welcomed. I am the same guy who got screwed under an indian desi body shop.


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I really

wish good luck to u guys..u have been waiting for more than 16 months...u should get it now. All the best guys :)


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I although am not from Sept, but close to that...
I think if they had to issue RFEs, they would have done so far. So, I hope they would not issue RFEs on such old cases. I haven't seen any post on this forum about any recent RFEs for Sept/Oct cases.

What you think?


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malikms_2000, Oct1RD01, wawa24, liftkarade

Hello folks,
I wish I could be wrong in your cases. I see you all not having RFEs issued so far and your NDs in Nov,01. So I guess all your cases perhaps considered as NOV RDs by INS. I do not mean to give you bad sense after this long wait. But knowing that information may give you little comfort and you may move on with other plans.

Hey that may be surprising to you. But I had seen few of my friends cases were considered like that by INS. Two of them spoke to INS officers (hardway - dialing the number 100s of times) and then only they realized that thier ND was INS RD. It was hard to predict what goes on at INS.

I wish you all good luck and I pray for you too so that my case may come closer & closer.


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Actually I called IIO several times, all of them told me the correct RD, Sep instead Nov.

But I have to agree one point, nobody touch our case yet, that's why no approve, no ref.


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Wawa24, When did you call IIO the last time? I called them in the beginning to Jan and IIO told me to wait another 30 to 60 days.
My case was assigned to an officer somewhere at the end of Nov.

Please share the information they gave you as to why our cases are not being touched etc.



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I called them serveral months ago. The second time, maybe Oct, they told me my case been assigned to an officer.
Now still no news yet. The reason I think they havn't touched it, because it won't take them several months to review a case, the only possbility is that my case still been left some corner, just my own guess.


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count me in RD 9/6

all other info on rupnet. too frustrated to repeat the same stuff over and over.
now those SOBs in Boston stopped issuing EADs and my wife is stitting home with no job.
life sucks, what can i say. i'm surprised i'm still employed.


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It does not make sense at all. Please call your senate for help. You can find them from I am Sep. case and my card has been already in my pocket for 4 months.

September guys are the biggest suffer. get your justice by pushing senate.