Anyone else in same boat?


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I applied for my 140/485/765/131 in last week Dec 04 at VSC. So far only got FP notice and got my finger prints done in CA. Nothing on EAD/AP/140. It seems my application is in some form of dormancy.

Anyone who applied to VSC around that time in same boat?


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Anyone in same boat?

Could it because my case is labor substitution and the priority date is in 2004? Coudl this be the reason why EAD/AP were alos not processed, nor was I140?


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Yes I am pretty much in the same Boat. However my EAD and Ap are approved. What good is EAD approval for me/spouse without 140 approval?

I dont even have LUD's on 140. I am not much sure about 140/EAD/AP processing being tied to PD. I know few people in my company with PD later than mine and also RD on 140 later than mine and their 140 is approved.

At this point my only relief would be to see if many people are in the same boat, that is irrespective of PD if many ppl with RD/ND in last week of december still have their 140 pending.

VSC/India/Labor Subst/PD:xx-04 :(
EB3 I485/I140/EAD/AP RD: 12/16/04
EB3 I485/I140/EAD/AP ND: 12/28/04

EAD AD 1/9/05
AP RFE(photos) AD 3/21/05
FP ND 2/xx/05
FP SD 4/14/05


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i am in same boat no ap/ead approved yet

140/485/765/131-rd dec 30 04
nd-jan 18 05.
got fp notice for next month.
no news on ap/ead.
anyone else in the same boat?


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Same Boat !

Substitute labour aug 2000
I140/485/AP filed on Aug 2004
EAD Oct 2004
FP 03/23

Keep me posted guys !


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Same Boat

I am in the same boat

EAD/AP/140/485 RD 12-27-04
EAD/AP/140/485 ND 01-06-05
FP Done 03-08-05....
LUD on 03-09-05..

Thats it so far no EAD/AP/140......
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Same Boat.

ND : 12/27/04
AP/EAD : Approved on 01/02/05
140 : ?????????????????????????????????????
485 : ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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Same Boat.No news abt 140.

RD : 12/28/2004
ND : 01/11/2005
AP/EAD : AD : 02/01/2005
140 ???
485 ??



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Any approvals yet?

I am still waiting for my 140 approval :( anyone here who filed end of december get their approval yet? :confused:


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Me 2


I have been waiting too. My company has gotten approval and refs for cases filed after my case. Not sure, why USCIS is not touching my case. Last LUD on i140 was 4/14/05


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anyone got approved

Has anyone been approved with 140,765 or 131 from your previous posting date?please update.


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Same boat! And, looks like we need a big one...

Looks like lot of people filed in Dec. 04 still pending

my info.
140 485 separate filing
140 RD 12/27/04
LUD 12/30/04
AD: ?????????


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I may have an RFE for I140

I had posted b4 with no LUDs so far after FP. (refer to first post)

However talking to two different service representatives at VSC (following the steps mentioned in the forum) I got two different replies. One agent said that there is no action on I140, EAD and AP since they all are pending and he has no time estimate at all.

The other agent said that they have asked for additional information from my employer and only when they get additional information that EAD and AP could be adjudicated. However my employer has not got any query so far nor has online status changed to RFE. So its bit confusing. Did he check my case or someone else's?

Dunno who is right the first one who had very little to say or the second one?


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what I don't understand is that...USCIS web site says that if more than 30 days has passed from the dates shown on their website since your filing date then contact....blah blah and then you make a call just to find out that it is still pending and thats the only thing they can tell....well...Hello there...!!! the person offcourse know that his application is pending and thats the reason why he is calling.... :rolleyes: not to hear again that it is still pending... but to find out a reason of delays and rectify it if possible. if you dont want/unable to tell anything then why bother writing that a person can call to find the status... This is so freakin frustrating.... :mad: