Advice needed...pls help


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I am a student with F1 with a license to work as a physical therapist. I have finished one masters and doing another one now. I am waiting for my Visa screen certificate to come in 3-4 weeks at the maximum.

Can anyone pls tell me which is better??...H1 OR GC??..

Which is quicker and better?...ur inputs are highly appreciated. thank you...


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Is there anyone who has gone from F1 to GC??..being a PT that is....I am so confused on what to do...

Pls...respond...thank you..God bless..


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All I know about PT is that they need to go thru normal procedure as others to get GC. But PERM can do a great deal to you.
When you can GC,why H1?
Remember, student can apply for GC for sure.