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    Delayed OPT application

    My brother completed his MS in Electrical Engineering from a reputed California university. After his completion of degree, he had to leave USA for family emergency. He never applied for OPT. He left USA in Jan, 2018. Since he has never filed for OPT, can he apply for OPT now? He still has F1...
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    Travelling in STEM OPT

    I work at client location and got my STEM OPT approved a week back. With new USCIS memo out which allows you to work at client location in STEM OPT, is it safe now to travel to your home country and be back without any hassle or issues? If so what are the documents that will be required to prove...
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    OPT STEM Extension Application Withdrawal

    Hello, I am recently applied for the OPT STEM Application and I have received a e-receipt with my case number. I realized that I have made some serious mistake in the form and would like to withdraw and re-apply again. My Question is : 1) What is the process of withdrawal? 2) How much time...
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    I20 OPT Extension pending from DSO

    My OPT EAD expires in 1month. I have applied for I20 opt extension from my DSO but they haven't issued me yet saying my SEVIS is pending from USCIS. DSO said that they submitted 3 requests to USCIS to update my SEVIS but they have rejected all of them. As SEVIS is not updated DSO is not issuing...