1. D

    Travel from USA to India: Need Passport and Tourist Visa by March 17th

    Hi everyone. I am in quite a crappy situation and am looking for any help/advice I can get. So my friend is having his engagement party in India next month, the plan is for everyone to be over there from March 17th to the 27th. As someone who hasn't really traveled very much, I was super naïve...
  2. K

    India DUI - OCI/Tourist Visa

    Hi All, I have a DUI from 1.5 years ago and was wondering if getting an OCI will be an issue. If I am rejected on the OCI for my record, can i still get a Tourist Visa? And has anyone successfully gotten an OCI/Tourist Visa by disclosing the criminal record.
  3. R

    Indian airport officers don't understand expired GC + I-751 receipt extension?

    Did anyone have problems boarding flight to the US from India because the airport officers are confused by expired green card + I-751 receipt notice? I have heard this from a friend and am wondering how widespread this problem is. My GC expired in April 2021, but I received a I-751 filing...
  4. mmanoj

    Can a Indian sole proprietor move to the USA on a F1 Visa?

    I'm currently owning a sole proprietorship in India and planning to study in the USA fall 2020. Can I still use my sole proprietorship to do business in India? I'm planning to receive payments to my current account. I'm using payment gateway like razorpay/PayPal for collecting payments. what...
  5. T

    Filing GC for parent from India when they're in US on tourist visa

    Hello, I'm planning to file GC (I-130) for my father from India i.e. filing center will be New Delhi. He is currently visiting me in USA right now on tourist visa. He won't be adjusting status so no I-485 is in question. He plans to return to India in about a month. He is within the 6 months...
  6. SS0033

    GC from TN Visa through EB3

    Hi Everyone, This might be a repetitive question but i'll make it a little specific with details. I have one Immigration lawyer telling me that H1B is the way to go and another lawyer saying that i don't need H1B for GC. I have TN since April 2016. I am Canadian citizen but i was born in...
  7. H

    H1B transfer and revocation from India!!!! Please give your 0.02$!!!

    Hi All, I am in a unique position or not that you all have to decide. I am stating my case here. I have approved and stamped VISA valid till October-2019, which was filed by my current company A.Now company A is not willing to send me on assignment. I have another company B willing to...