1. tfab

    Getting married while filing for B-2 extension

    I am currently on a B-2 visitor visa. After 5 months into my visit, I met someone. As we both love each other, we are looking to get married in a couple of months. As my 6-month stay will come to an end in 20 days, I am looking to file for an extension via I-539. Our relationship is genuine...
  2. J

    Stay longer than i-94 duration with I-539 filing during covid time

    Hello, Thank you for your services. My mother's i-94 (visitor visa - B1) is expiring by end of August and we filied for her I-539 by June 2021 for her extension. The case went to Texas Service center and processing May 2020 cases. We are still waiting for fingure printing, can my mother stay...
  3. S

    Filing i-539 extension more than once

    Is it legal to file i-539 extension more than once to allow B2-Visitors to stay beyond 12 months from the date they arrived in the US? Is USCIS providing any exceptions for visitors with high health risk (those 70+ years old) so they can stay longer than 12 months and not have to fly back to...
  4. X

    Where to File Form I-539 for B-2?

    I am filing the form I-539 for my grandmother to extend her stay in US for medical reasons. She is on B-2 Visa now. However, I cannot understand what address to choose from their website below. Can anyone help take a look at the link below? I appreciate your help...
  5. K

    TD Visa Extension

    I am an Indian citizen and currently in US on TD status - expires on April 25, 2019. Wife is a Canadian citizen and works on TN status - expires on September 10, 2019. We are located in Texas. I am planning to submit I-539 to extend my status to match my wife's I-94 expiry date. I have following...
  6. S

    H4 travel while H1B extension pending

    Please let me know your valuable inputs on this. My family is in my home country now. Our H1 and H4 are stamped upto June-2018. We already submitted H1B extension petition. By mistake we submitted I-539 also for H4 extension. My questions are: 1. Can my wife and kids travel to US in their...
  7. S

    change of status J1 visa to F1 visa denied please help me

    Hi, I was an exchange student 2016 Jan~2017 Jan and after the exchange student program, I moved to the different state with my parents. and I wanted to continue my high school career so I applied for change of status I-539 form in January as soon as I moved in. and I started attending a private...
  8. R

    I-485 and I-539 Form

    Hi, If the I-485 application has been submitted , but have not received the receipt yet from USCIS, does one need to file the form I-539 for an extension. Please let me know... PS: The checks for the I-485 have not been debited from account yet... Thank you Ramdas
  9. T

    TD Visa renewal

    Good morning everyone, I need some help on deciding what's the best course of action for my wife's TD visa. Here's some background information before I ask my questions. I am a Canadian citizen. I hold a Canadian passport. I am currently residing and working in the US on a TN Visa. My...