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    Hiring a legal representative/lawyer for naturalization

    What are some possible benefits of having/hiring legal representative/lawyer for naturalization? (N-400) All I could think of is that 1. The applicant does not fluently speak English; need help during the interview/filing process. 2. The applicant does not want to file themselves. I am...
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    Interview in Montreal

    Long story short, I applied for green card through consular process. Wife of 5 years and 2 children are U.S. citizens and live their. I got a DUI in MA on my last trip to the USA. I have a court appearance on May 9, and would like to know. If I accept a CWOF with fines, courses required and...
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    Traveling on AP with a pending DUI charge

    Hello All, Last week I received a DUI charge (first one). Apart from this charge, I have an extremely clean record - no traffic violation in the last 16 yrs. The cop stopped me because the brake lights were not working. I have a court date end of Jan 2017 and plan to plead not guilty; BAC of...
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    Arrested DUI on mid June and scheduled for naturalization interview on beginning of July

    I am just waiting for the naturalization interview but I got arrested for DUI on mid June. My court date is scheduled to be mid August. I have decided to skip the interview process due to the fact that I know that my case will not be dismissed. Are there any consequences on that if I decide...