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    OPT For International Students

    Hello Everyone If you are confusing for: What is OPT? What Work Privileges are Available on OPT? Who is Eligible for OPT? USCIS OPT Processing Time. Don't Worry!! OPTnation shared the PPT for an overview of OPT for international students which will solve the misconception of any F1 OPT...
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    Full time CPT visa in Fall semester

    Hello Dear, I'm a grad student on F-1 visa. I've done full time CPT in summer, which is extended by the company for the fall semester. I have 8 credits left (2 for CPT, 6 course credits), and this is my final semester. 9 credits are required for full time enrollment. Can I work on full time CPT...
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    CPT Violation and future OPT and/or H-1 Applications

    I am new to the forum, and hoping to get some advice from all you knowledgeable people here. I did visit an immigration attorney on this matter but she was very uneducated on this specific case. Here is the situation I entered the U.S. under F-1 status on August 2013 to obtain my undergraduate...
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    Missing a I-20 with previous CPT info, is my OPT doomed?

    I lost one of my I-20 and the worst thing is, this one has an CPT-approval. I've contact my school, but they don't have a copy. Now I need to submit the OPT application but I have no idea how to work around this issue. I was wondering if somebody has the same issue and can give me some guidance...