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    What books/CDs are nice for step1 preperation?
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    Thread to discuss USMLE application processing

    Please discussion USMLE application to ECFMG related issues here.
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    USMLE thread

    Chinese USMLE thread Welcome to discuss USMLE matters here!!!
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    To RIC2 and all friends!

    Why not do it if you can! Be prepared to have a Ph.D though if you donot have it. The downside for CA is that the housing is more crazy than anywhere else.
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    Where are all the veterans?

    Hi, I am off medicine for 6 years now, LOL. Had I have a chance to take USMLE during medical school, I would have easily score 98%! It is hard to pick up tons of detailed stuff after 6 years... such a pain, man..
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    Where are all the veterans?

    Dear ALL. All friends, including habib, I am hanging here from time to time. There is no way for me to forget about this forum which provoked me a lot of frustration, imaginationary writting.... I am sorry to know that I485 has been having problem here or there. Here is my story to...
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    Anyone with RD in Sept left out there ?

    It does not make sense at all. Please call your senate for help. You can find them from I am Sep. case and my card has been already in my pocket for 4 months. September guys are the biggest suffer. get your justice by pushing senate.
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    Is deleware a good place to live??

    Thanks all old friends Thanks all! Yeah, in DE there are couple of good pharm - astrazenace, aventis and a few small companies bought by Johnson and Johnson.
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    Is deleware a good place to live??

    Dear folks, After getting my damn green card, I am thinking about where the best place to live is. I am so tired of NJ where there is nothing but crazy housing, crazy car insurance, bad traffic, rude people. I am considering Delaware. It has no sales tax. The new house there prices around...
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    Urgent Help: after 1-485 filed, can file H4?

    Most of NIW and EB-1 are fake to siginificant degree. With stupid concurrent-filing, fake NIW and EB-1 will be skyrocketed. INS should do a crack down on this fraud.
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    Is a GC an answer?

    Good ideas. This is capitalism. They will take whatever way to maximize profit. Get out of IT ASAP if you are not old.
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    To those who are desperate !!

    Dear desperate waiters, As a previous desperate waiter, I have a lot of thoughts about this green card stuff. Let's start with the emtional change after gc. When I first got my gc on hand, I felt nothing but a bit released and comfortable. There was absolutely no excitement since my...
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    Does anyone know good relaxation technique?

    Re: ric2 (1) YES, I will visit my parents in this Christmas! Thanks a lot of people and INS monster. (2) YES. I will start my Ph.D on September, 2003. (3) YES. we are talking about having babe. But she is very busy. Lol. I am not obsessed with sex. Just want to have an interesting topic...
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    Does anyone know good relaxation technique?

    Sex is a good way for after-8-hour. When you go home, have a good dinner, shower, and ....... . Do it really good, hard and multiple, then will sleep deeply right away. The problem is what to do during-8-hour? (1) you should not visit this site which is very difficult. (2) either work or...
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    Changing employer 6 months after approval

    you can leave anytime. Better not to anger your employer when you leave.