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    Recording Available for January 23, 2020 Free Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hi Rajeev Ji, I understand that the traveler has to declare the monetary instruments totaling more than USD 10,000 as an individual (or even as a family). What I am not able to find the information anywhere including the CBP website that do the traveler still have to declare if he carry less...
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    Recording Available, July 11, 2019 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hi Rajiv Ji, I am currently on H1-B and while coming back from vacation earlier in December 2018, they issue I-94 with validity until 12-Dec-2019 (This is a date for which my passport is expiring.) even though my stamped visa is expiring on Nov 2020. Although the officer at the port of entry...
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    Recording available for Feb 20 Conference Call

    H-4 to Visitor Visa conversion Hi Rajiv Ji I am currently on the H-1B (6th Year) expiring on 20 April 2014, with PERM applied in end of Sept 2013. I would be going to my home country for few months before 20th April 2014, until either the PERM is approved, after which will apply for I-140...
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    Recording available for Jan 9 Conference Call

    PERM pending - H1-B expiring - Need to work from home country Hello Mr. Khanna, My PERM was filed in SEP 2013, is pending for approval and based on the current ETA, the approval should arrive in around May 2014. However, my 6th year H-1B, after recapture, is expiring in April 2014. I am...