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    N600 Part 6

    It does seem very confusing. I am guessing they are asking for dates of physical presence from your parent's birth until now, which includes dates from your birth until now (even though dates after your birth don't matter for your citizenship). By the way, why are you applying for a Certificate...
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    Does my child qualify for citizenship at birth

    She should be able to apply for a US passport immediately after she enters the US. The immigrant visa, upon entry, turns into an I-551 valid for 1 year, which is equivalent to a green card for all purposes. So submitting her foreign passport (containing her immigrant visa which turned into...
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    Does my child qualify for citizenship at birth

    There are no restrictions beyond that of any other green card holder. She will automatically become a citizen under INA 320 when all the conditions are met, either on the first trip or the second (I am not sure whether she would be considered to be residing in the US on the first trip).
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    Does my child qualify for citizenship at birth

    As SusieQQQ said, your child is not a US citizen at birth since neither of you were US citizens at the time of her birth. There are two ways for her to get US citizenship, depending on if your family intends to stay residing outside the US or move to the US. If you guys will move to the US...
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    Applying for Green Card and have 4 traffic tickets

    They won't impact your green card, but you have to disclose them on your I-485.
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    I-864 or I-864a?

    1. yes 2. In your case, your mother can serve either as your "household member" or a "joint sponsor". To have your mother as your "household member", you would have to count her in your household size, in Part 5 #7, since she is not your dependent but she is a sibling, parent, or adult child...
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    Spouse of E-2 visa holder

    File I-765 with category (a)(17). Read the I-765 instructions for more details. You need to prove proof of you and your spouse's E-2 status and your marriage certificate.
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    dual citizen question 11 on N400- need help

    According to N-400 instructions for this item
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    i need help .. adjustment of status

    Not true. If the EOS was timely filed and non-frivolous, he does not accrue "unlawful presence" while it is pending. "Unlawful presence" only starts to accrue on the day after the denial. But leaving now has consequences at this point. Failure to attend removal proceedings triggers a 5-year...
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    Applying green card on spouse base

    Read each form's instructions. I-485 will need an I-864 Affidavit of Support, I-693 medical report, and various other documents.
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    Applying green card on spouse base

    It is not required for you to file I-765 for EAD or I-131 for Advance Parole. However, both of these are free for I-485 applicants, so there is no reason not to apply for them, just in case you might suddenly need one. An EAD will also allow you to get an SSN if you don't have one, and a...
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    I-864 unemployed advice needed please!

    Current income is what matters most, and your current income is 0, so yes, it would be a problem.
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    Mother refusing to give certificate of naturalization, passport and other documents

    Then I think he can apply for a new US passport with a file search; it may be the simplest and fastest solution. A US passport is sufficient to petition you to immigrate. Like I said, in that case that he automatically got citizenship under 18, he didn't need to get a certificate and he could...
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    Immigrant trying to get passport. Passport question

    I think a copy of your parents' marriage certificate should work.