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    Información lottery DV

    I’m thinking unlikely but I guess it depends how long ago and what was the conditions put on him when they deported him?
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    DV 2019 Oceania Selectees

    Im from North Queensland and I moved in September. I took 2 suitcases
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    DV 2020 Oceania Selectees

    The 3 kilo express bag will be fine.
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    DV 2019 All Selectees

    Congratulations just change the address at the point of entry.
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    DV 2020 Oceania Selectees

    You will have to apply for a name change from births deaths and marriages in the state you were born. They will put you on administrative processing till that is complete.
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    December 2019 Visa bulletin for January 2020 interviews released

    Wow OC is killing it in terms of progression.
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    DV 2019 Oceania Selectees

    Which embassy did you do your interview at?
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    Oceania Life in America

    Well I am officially employed!!!!!Talk about relieved. It’s going to be great to have an income coming in <- that was weird to type. Make sure if you haven’t already that you whip up an American style resume. I used
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    The "been there done that" thread: life in the US after DV

    Absolutely You can. I got mine via eBay with at&t but you can also get T-Mobile ones too. You can set it up and have a number but you won’t get any texts till you’re there. quick tip to get an area code for the city you’re in look up the zip code for your city and use a hotel address. I...
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    DV 2020 Oceania Selectees

    I got my greencard after 10 days but had to actually go into social security for my social security number.
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    DV 2020 Oceania Selectees

    It’s a normal response. I’ve been trying for 9 years to move over and when I got my approval it sort of hit me that yikes now it was time to man up and do it otherwise I’d spend the rest of my life wondering. That being said everyone has been kind and they love aussies. I’ve had a few...
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    DV 2020 Oceania Selectees

    Yup, as far as I know there are no discounts for family members. Try doing a search in the Oceania 2019 thread.
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    DV 2020 Oceania Selectees

    That’s not including any additional injections.
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    DV 2020 Oceania Selectees

    Cost me around the $600 mark