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    Pls anwer:how long takes for adjudication after the RFE was received?

    I replied to an RFE in June 2004 and received approval on December 2004 (I-485 RD 12/2002). There are no two identical cases, so my 6 months may not be relevent to your own case. Good luck, lalala
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    Tracker WAC-03 Series

    Dear PeaceInHeart, I don't know if my case underwent detailed review. I inquired about the status of my case early November. The reply that I got was: "cases prior to current processing dates are being reassessed. PLease, allow sufficient time for processing". Hope this helps. Remy
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    Its approved finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Nathang ! :) lalala
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    Just updated the lists. My case was approved yesterday. lalala :) 485 Approved List -------------- Kulfi -08/05/2002 ---------------EB3 --------Approved on 11/24/04 desi_boston 10/10/02 .. Approved 11/10 lalala-----------12/27/2002------------EB3------------Approved 12/02/04...
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    6-Year Journey Has Ended

    Dear looking for GC, I started tracking I-485 LUDs only after my 2nd FP results. Here they are: 07/27/2004, 10/27/2004 (but no change in message), 11/04/2004 (we responded to your case status inquiry), 11/18/2004 (but no change in message), 12/02/2004. Hope that helps, lalala
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    Tracker WAC-03 Series

    WAC-03-071-XXXXX Approved 12/02/2004 My case has finally been approved. From beginning to end, this has been a 6-year long journey. Good luck everyone, lalala :) I485 WAC 03-071-XXXXXX RD: 12/27/2002 ND: 12/31/2002 I140/I485 concurrent filing EB3 I140 approved May 2004 1st FP...
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    6-Year Journey Has Ended

    :) It's been a long and tedious journey, but I finally got the email approval notice for my I-485. For those interested in the details of my case, here they are: - Arrived in the US in 1995 with J1. - Had to waive J1 2-year residence restriction because of error in application. -...
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    Temporary problem with USCIS phone system ?

    Dear Chankuk, Yes, I can. Lalala BTW, here's my info: I-140/I-485 concurrent (EB2): ND = 12/31/2002 1st FP: 02/2003 I-140 AD = 05/2003 RFE received by CSC: ND = 06/24/2004 2nd FP: 07/2004 Case status phone inquiry: 11/03/2004.
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    Temporary problem with USCIS phone system ?

    Hi all, On 11/19, I checked my case status online and I saw a new LUD on 11/18 for my I-485 pending case. The message had not changed though. I tried to call the USCIS customer service, but for the last five days I've been getting the same message: "we're sorry, but due to a temporary problem...
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    With a advance parole, can I walk through citizen/permanent resident lane at airport?

    Dear Goodbm, No, you can't use the US Citizens, Permanent Residents lane with an advance parole. I've entered the country twice (at SFO) with my advance parole, and I used the visa holders lane. I was sent both times to an office for a secondary inspection. At the counter, the officer checked...
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    Tracker WAC-03 Series

    I just checked my case status online. There was a new LUD on 11/18 but no changes in the message. I tried to call to see if there was at least an updated message but there seems to be a problem with their system, and my case could not be accessed. It's the second time that I've experienced this...
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    Tracker WAC-03 Series

    I just received the response to my 11/03 case status inquiry. "all I-485 cases that are previously considered beyond JIT processing are being re-assessed. The cases that are FP ready will be reviewed. The I-485 with expired FP will be re-scheduled. Please allow 60 days for action on these...
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    I-485 Pending Since Nov 2002

    Dear kdeepaujla, I received the same notice "cases beyond JIT processing are being re-assessed...please allow 60 days for action on these cases". I'm not sure what they mean by 60 days. Is it 60 days after the case status inquiry ? They don't mention any new processing dates but ask me to...
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    Anybody got this kind of feedback for inquiry?

    Dear peaceinheart, It looks like we are the proud parents of twin cases. Here's my info: I-140/I-485 concurrent filing (EB2): ND 12/31/2002 (WAC-03-071-...) 1st FP: 02/2003 I-140 AP: 05/2003 RFE responded 06/2004 2nd FP: 07/2004 1st case status inquiry: 10/2004, no response 2nd case...
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    Question on I140/485 concurrent processing

    Unfortunatley, it doens't mean anything. CSC seems to have done a massive backlog check on 10/27. There are many people out there who saw a change in LUD on 10/27 without further information or change in the online or phone last update message. Lalala