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    Recording for November 05, 2020 Conference Call With Rajiv S Khanna

    Hello Rajivji, My daughter is 18 years now and we will be filing our adjustment of status based upon Filing date . We are not sure if the final action date will be current for my PD before she turns 21. As per CSPA rule we will get only 2 months . So quick questions 1. I have two I-140s one...
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    Recording Available, October 05, 2017 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hi Rajiv, Question on I-94 status . Below is scenario 06/30/2016 - Arrived from India I-94 11111 valid until April 2018 05/15/2017 - H1B transfer applied ( used I-94 11111 in I-129 application ) 06/20/2017 - Visited India and returned got new I-94...
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    Recording Available, August 24, 2017 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hello Sir , Question Regarding I-94 on H1B Transfer Approval . I visited India while my H1B transfer was in progress. I got my H1b Approval with old I-94 number extended until 2020 . My new I-94 which I got during my recent visit is expiring in April 2018 and I do not have any...
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    Recording available for March 14 Conference Call

    H1B Extension Approval Start Date after I 94 Exipry My H1B petition, my I94 and my family’s I-94 was expiring on Jul 6 2012 . During this time my company was merged with other company and got new name . So new company applied my extension on May 18 to 2012 in Regular...