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    photo: foreign object

    Hi all, Yet another picture confusion: i've had a photo taken in the studio, and accidentally a corner of a lamp glareshield came into view. It covers about 15 percent of the field way outside my head, i.e. it only obscures a spot of the background. I've ran my picture through the photo tool...
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    DV Lottery 2017 - Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm another restless competitor, who just submitted his entry and is now having backward doubts about his photo. I found, after i've already submitted and received my confirmation number, that the flash of my camera left a couple of glares on my skin and shadows on my fridge (which...
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    employment in the US: what to start with

    No, i am totally NOT exceptional. And my employer will not sponsor my entrance. So, is there a way for me to acquire a work permit on common grounds? Or did America stop completely accepting immigrants? Thank you.
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    employment in the US: what to start with

    Hi! I'm a newbie, and i have no idea what legal solution i should even aspire to. So please read my case and tell me what do i want to apply for to begin with. I'm a russian, living in Russia. I've just finished a vocational school in the US, but unfortunately business turned very bad for my...