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    Can employer claim/get Tax return money of employees??

    Company policy does not overide U.S. tax laws (Fed/state/local). Not sure of the laws in other countries
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    Can employer claim/get Tax return money of employees??

    Sounds fishy Might want to consult with a board certified accountant. By law employers of all non-independent contractors are required to withhold taxes from employee wages and send it to IRS/local tax offices. The amount withheld is FROM the EMPLOYEE'S EARNED wages a.k.a. salary a.k.a...
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    I-485 WAC03-068-$$$$ approved

    email with approval recvd today 2 months after recving regular mail. No update on if card has been ordered. PD 2/01 RD 12/02 ND 12/02 1st FP 2/03 I-140 AP 3/03 1st EAD AP 3/03 2nd EAD AP 5/2004 2FP 8/21 LUD 8/27/04 w/ FP notification RFE 9/21 (medical, EVL) LUD 10/30 Reply of...
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    Does "Draft" applicable to PR's/naturalised citizens

    Not necc he got the go ahead from congress/senate in 2002 when he was given power to fight the war on ter as he sees fit
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    Mass Update 12/22 or 12/24 for I485

    Maybe at least a week from the date sent.
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    I-485 got denied,plz help

    U have 30 days to file a motion to reopen. may want to talk to a (more if need be) lawyer to see what can be done. Also consider taking some kind of tutorial for the exam. Some one on this forum also had a notice to deny 485 but was able to buy time and refile (w/ good outcome). see link...
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    Do we need new photos?

    May want to take better pictures (i.e. new pics & not ur 1 yr old photos), try Walmart. Afterall u are going to be carrying that mugshot for min of 5yrs if u file for citiz or 10 yrs when u renew ur GC. :D
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    Mass Update 12/22 or 12/24 for I485

    485 approved after LUDs RFE 9/21, replied 12/14, LUD 12/22 message = received REF etc... take 600 days... (also recvd e-mail), LUD 12/27 (no change in message), LUD12/28 no change in message. AP dated 12/27 :) So I guess LUD after RFE=action possibly approval -----------------...
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    WAC-02-184-5xxxx Approved!

    Looks like 2002 filers are finally getting approvals Congrats --------------- RD 12/2002 AP 12/2004 2EADs 1 RFE
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    Originally Posted by looking_for_gc
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    stamping problem...

    Did he give a receipt for the docs he took from u? If you went through a lawyer might want to ask if this in normal :confused: Please old timers anyone had this experience??
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    Finally Approved - Miracle - 03-063-XXXXX

    Congrats Your rollercoater ride is over
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    CSC I-485 **Approvals** in December 2004 and January 2005

    Approved 12/27-28/2004 WAC03-068-$$$$ RD 12/02 ND 12/02 FP 2/03 I-140 AP 3/03 1st EAD AP 3/03 2nd EAD AP 5/2004 7/2004 missing, 2FP slow mail notice 7/04, Online message to change password 7/04 & received e-mail confirmation, Status reappeared 8/04 2FP done 8/21 LUD 8/27/04 w/ FP...