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    Counting Waiting Years of GC (EB)towards Citizenship requrement

    We are asking for "Compensation" To reduce the time for waiting to apply for citizenship. The USCIS will be able to collect "fee" from us sooner than 5 years. 1- We waited for years because of Name Check 2- Priority Dates have been neglected/ignored 3- We paid "Extra costs" due to this...
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    I-485 Transfered to NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER ??

    Check this out for information
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    case transferred to National benefits Center

    You should be getting "interview call" in your local office. It takes 4-8 weeks for interview letter issued from NBC, or it depends on the workload of local USCIS offices. Check out for details and experiences:
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    Anyone with a lawsuit against USCIS or thinking about a lawsuit (Merged)

    lazycis: As a Moderator lazycis: As a Moderator (Vote 1) His contributions, knowledge, observations, experiences are greatly helping those in need. Excellent!!! Job, Keep it up.
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    Backdating green card due to the USCIS delays in adjudication

    LOL: "Your honor, pardon his ignorance" :D gmlvsk, YES!!, he is.
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    Backdating green card due to the USCIS delays in adjudication

    Lets join hand together I am in.
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    Need Biometrics after the I-485 approval

    Check it out!!! 1) I-551 stamped on 3/17/2008 (assuming I-485s are approved), but there is NO approval/card prduction emails!!!. stamp is valid upto 3/16/2009. The cases were processed in local office, at Newark, NJ 2) EAD approved Next day on 3/18/2008: Card Received (EAD on 3/29/2008). EAD...
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    EAD denied after I-485 approval

    Local Office: My I485 was approved/passports stamped on 3/17/2008. NBC: EAD card production order 3/19/2008, again on 3/24/2008, EAD approval email message on 3/27/2008. Actual I485 Approval letters/Card production Email: NONE
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    Need Biometrics after the I-485 approval

    Biometrics transmitted/uploaded by A# Number: Today I see LUD on all applications.
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    Need Biometrics after the I-485 approval

    EAC Repalced by ESC: No idea? After approval/passport stamp (self & family): Received 4 FP-Notices (for children only - code 2), FP-done on 3/22/2008. Here is the story: All FP-Notices issued from Newark, NJ from the same officer approved and stamped I-551. But all I-485s "EAC" receipt...
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    Yes! Yes! Yes! NC memo works!

    How can i forget you, YES you said Sure, your great help for all these efforts, "worked", and finally they have no choice to call and interview again. I felt/noticed that the Adjudication Officer was really started working on my cases without lunch break and took 2-3 hours to complete all my...