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Worked More Hours in UK student visa

Discussion in 'Criminal Convictions and Act' started by terryadamson7, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. terryadamson7

    terryadamson7 New Member


    Four years ago I was in UK to complete my Bsc in Business Management. During my stay I worked more than 20hours to get more pocket money to go around the country.

    I was caught just two weeks before my planned departure. So I directly told the police officer that I am going to exit in two weeks. So before going in for further investigation, they spot deported me to my home country since I am going to exit.

    I got a police clearance from UK and it says nothing about this.

    But the police clearance from my home country Sri Lanka states that I am deported from UK.

    So this year I am a DV winner.

  2. terryadamson7

    terryadamson7 New Member

    Hello Anyone here....????
  3. sajj

    sajj New Member

    i am having the same situation. i won the green card lottery but not sure about further processing it cause my visa application got refuse while i was in uk under deception banner . but after that i voluntarily return to sri lanka , could you pls tell me will this affect my gc application . thx (terryadamsan7 - could you pls tell me what happen with your application)
  4. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    If you have a criminal file in the U.K. or Sri Lanka, then it might cause some issues but i would recommend you to go to the DV Lottery forum for further advise http://forums.immigration.com/forums/lottery-visas-dv.119/

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