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Whats a YL , Yellow Letter ?

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by sreeleshk, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    Hi Everyone,

    I was looking at the time lines for naturalization and I see "YL", "Yellow Letter". what is this actually ? when do you get it ?

  2. complex_dude

    complex_dude Registered Users (C)

    I think, it is a standard template letter one receives stating the list of documents to be brought in for the interview.
    Seems like people who mention citations/arrests/etc on their N400 tend to get it.

    I had mentioned my traffic citation, but never received any YL. From what I understand, receiving or not receiving it should not be a cause for concern.
  3. cowfacepose

    cowfacepose Registered Users (C)

    It's a letter in 'yellow' color. Usually get it after fingerprinting done.

    I didn't mention any citation and still got it.
  4. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    Does the Interview letter tell state the documents that are needed to be furnished at the interview? or is it the yellow letter? how did you know what all documents to take for the interview ? is it like unless you are asked for specific documents you are not required to carry any ? or its like a common practice that everyone knows about that you are required to take the marriage certificate, 5/3 years tax returns, re entry permits, drivers license, disposition papers, proof of tax payments, utility bills, lease, bank statements ... and such what you think would help your N400 procedure?
  5. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    Is the DL the only document you will be taking for the interview ? as its the only one on ur YL.
    or is there another list coming your way with the interview appointment date notice?
  6. cowfacepose

    cowfacepose Registered Users (C)

    Yes. that's the only document mentioned in the yellow letter. But I am still going to bring my passport for sure.
  7. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    passport + DL, i thought the tax transcripts were important.
  8. sunny808

    sunny808 Registered Users (C)

    Most applicants, if not all, will get an N-659 (aka white letter) with the interview letter which is the general checklist. The yellow letter is usually sent out earlier so that the applicant can prepare the documents listed that might require some time to procure (citation records, selective service, IRS, civil records, etc). Not all applicants will get the YL. Sometimes a YL is sent for drivers' licenses so that the adjudicating IO can verify compliance with the residence requirements. The YL and the N-659 (and the interview letter, at least in my case) will list the documents that you may need to bring to the interview. So, you need to look at all three.
  9. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    so the 3 are ,

    1)Yellow Letter
    2)White Letter
    3)Interview Letter

  10. sunny808

    sunny808 Registered Users (C)

    Yes you are correct Sree.
  11. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

  12. jessiewei

    jessiewei Registered Users (C)

    I did not mention any citation but I still got the yellow letter, of course white letter w/ interview notice as well. On my yellow letter it says I need to bring DL+ passports, while on the white letter my GC is also required.
    You will find the sticky thread “Documents needed for Naturalization” very very helpful for your application, make sure to read it through. I was asked for my marriage certificate during the interview although my N-400 application is NOT based on the 3-year marriage rule. I am glad that I prepared all the documentations mentioned in that post so my interview went through smoothly.
  13. wli1110

    wli1110 New Member

    I received the "yellow letter" today as well ( Just a letter, No Interview Date or Time). It just told me to bring the my Drivers License, or State ID card.Did i feel concern? Yes. I called up USCIS #; I spoke with one rep. she told me there should've been a time and date for your interview, then she said "Okay I'll transfer you to another (higher)level of that dept."...... so i spoke with another person she told me its nothing to be concern about. She said its just a process that I'm on"Queue" waiting for a Interview and a Date. At least they said my FP check, name check cleared already.

    Heres my Timeline:
    1/24/10- Expressed shipped my Mail (Company's Mail Account) :)
    1/25/10- Received my N-400 Application in Texas
    2/17/10- FP date
    2/20/10- FP done (delayed for a week due to snow storm in NYC)
    .......waiting for the rest.
  14. GungaDin

    GungaDin Registered Users (C)

    Sit tight. You'll get your Interview letter next.
  15. Apollo_13

    Apollo_13 Registered Users (C)

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