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VISA Information for Countries

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by wantmygcnow, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Mike Hassan

    Mike Hassan New Member

    Had a terrible experience coming back to jfk especially in Amsterdam airport they have a very tough screening at Schiphol airport for the flights going to the US and of course as soon as they saw RTD they had no idea what is that it took me 15 minutes to explain and show print outs they asked for green card even the supervisor until after 30 minutes of arguing he agreed to let me go to the gate after very tough question like why you are an Asylee In the US ? Why u left your home country? Why you don’t have your home country passport ?! Just stupid question but then when I went to the gate they called my name before the boarding to screen me all over again my luggage my shoes my iPad finally boarded the flight after I would say an hour and 45 mins into screening I arrived in JFK it was like a Jungle I went to the Permanent resident lane then they asked me to go visitor lane and been running between lanes for 20 mins until an immigration officer saw me she was rude I showed her my RTD then she told me that’s the only thing u have I said my green card in the process and I have my EAD then she said it’s not enough she called her co worker fortunately he cleared everything and luckily he knew what’s RTD !! He asked me to go to the inspection room then I went there waited for about an hour then immigration officer called me after stamping my RTD she asked how long I was out and where I traveled then she said welcome back then got stopped by customs agents even though I only have a carry on luggage but it’s alright!! Overall terrible experience long wait and a long stupid conversation with the folks for the screening at Amsterdam airport and questions idk why they asked me about the reason for my asylum status and btw they asked me to tell them what I did during my visit in Germany and Amsterdam and at one point he asked to see if I have a photo of me in a museum or something as a proof !
  2. 7of9

    7of9 New Member

    Really sorry to hear about your terrible experience. Those guys think they know everything. Besides, they are behaving as if they are IOs of the US, when they are just some Dutchmen. Well, good luck in the future. I still have 2 years left using the RTD + GC, so I will be sharing my experiences with everyone from across the world. Readying for another trip to Kiwiland (New Zealand) soon. Hopefully it's seamless as the last one. I will update everyone. I figure it is less than four weeks until I fly out.
  3. DoubleAA

    DoubleAA Registered Users (C)

    Canadian Embassy in US denied my Visa, I had a valid RTD, Funds, Purpose for travel, very long work history and leisure history of travel for my age and the funny comment from the CIC is 'They don't think I have a Valid Work Authorization and Immigration Status in US'' I have never left USA main land for 5years and my asylum took 4 years, Its very weird that Canada will deny some hard working Asylees Visas and issue eTA on RTD + GC, I believe the two countries share such info (but I am not 100% sure) The Safe Third Country Agreement
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  4. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Yeah too bad. The Canadians are oddballs.
  5. DoubleAA

    DoubleAA Registered Users (C)

    My Neighbor with green card is from East African Country, His daughters with GC+RTDs applied for UK visa and they got denied visas to visit family members.
  6. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    That doesn't mean you cannot enter the UK with a GC and RTD. My brother went there often that way, and I was granted a visa with GC and RP.

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