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Valid Old H1 Visa and stamping on transfered I-797 petition

Discussion in 'General H-1 and H-3 Visa and Related Issues' started by dilip79kumar, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. dilip79kumar

    dilip79kumar New Member


    I have moved from employer A to employer B in july 2011 and on payroll of employer B sinc ethen. I have a H1 visa stamped on petition with employer A till Septmeber 2012. I will be going to home country Feb 2012 and come back in march 2012. I know that I need not have the visa on petition from employer B to enter US

    But I prefer having the visa stamp on employer B as I will be getting the visa till June 2014. I have few questions regarding this:

    1. Is there any rule which avoids Visa stamping with employer B petition in Feb 2012 when I have a valid visa with emplyer A till Sep 2012

    2.If the visa stamping on petition from employer B is rejected due to any reason, can I enter US with visa from employer A

    Please provide advice

    Thanks in Advance,
    Dilip Kumar
  2. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)


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