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US citizen wants to marry illegal Mexican

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by Brooke, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. Brooke

    Brooke New Member

    Hi- I\'m been hearing all different stories from friends and family, as well as many personal accounts on the internet, however, they all seem to be experiences before the Sept. 11th attacks. I\'m wondering, under the most recent laws, if I were to marry my illegal Mexican boyfriend, who entered the US almost three years ago without inspection, what consequences would we face? I\'m thinking about filing a fiancŽ visa petition, however, seeing as how I met him here in the US, and have no proof that I could have possibly met him in Mexico, I am very apprehensive as to try and falsify the information on our application. If he were to be granted some kind of amnesty if we just went ahead and got married, that seems the most logical way to go about it. I know a woman (US citizen) who married her illegal Mexican boyfriend and surpassed what seems like a lot of paper work. However, she has told me they had to pay a $1000 fine for going about it the wrong way. This was two years ago and I can\'t seem to find any information that this penalty fine still exists. I can assure you that my boyfriend and I- our love for each other is genuine. We have plenty of proof of our being together in the US, photos, letters, videos, and many family members and friends to attest to our love. So I feel we would have no problem proving to immigration that our marriage is genuine. I would be greatly appreciative of any help and guidance anyone could provide. I would really like to go about this process without having to consult a lawyer and paying astronomical fees. Thank you so much in advance. E-mail: biggiebayb@yahoo.com
  2. Illegal Alien

    Illegal Alien Registered Users (C)

    Just wait for section 2451

    Wait for section 245i it would happen pretty soon. they are proposing it to extend till april 2003, but, still need to be passed by congress and senate...

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